Zissou poster for BAD DADS art show

I’m honoured to have been asked to participate in the Wes Anderson ‘BAD DADS’ art show, opening tonight at Spoke Art (6pm) down in San Francisco. So many great artists involved in this thing, so pumped to have my piece in there. Shown above is my poster design of that rascal Steve Zissou from THE LIFE AQUATIC.

I did a limited edition run of 50 posters, printed by the top brass at Mama’s Sauce on French Pop-Tone Black Licorice 100C at 18″ x 24″. Beautiful print job too. They will be available tonight at the art show, and the remainder will be sold in the Spoke Art Store on Monday. Swoop in quick if you want one.

Have fun at the art show tonight everyone!






2 responses to “Zissou poster for BAD DADS art show”

  1. Salvador Anguiano Avatar

    Man! this looks amazing! the way your style has grown and changed over the years it’s nothing short of inspiring. Bill Murray rocks as much as you and the piece is beautiful!

  2. Brandon Sehl Avatar

    The new style is looking so good here man. The halftone texture works really well. Great work.

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