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As the Hobo With a Shotgun boys are busy completing the movie in Toronto, they decided to launch my design for their production company called Yer Dead. We started talking about this logo about a year ago but we really started moving on it over the last few months as the film came closer to completion. I really enjoy working with Jason Eisener and Rob Cotterill because they have a really clear direction in their head, which mostly revolves around stuff they were into as kids . . . 80s action awesomeness. Which, as you can imagine, I’m all about.

We went through a few designs before landing on this one, here are a couple:

The guys liked these initial concepts, but they were looking for something that, in their words “would look badass on a t-shirt”. Once I heard that it really set me free. I had a great time working on this logo for my pals and I’m stoked to see it on the big screen really soon.






5 responses to “Yer Dead Productions logo”

  1. Sergei Tatarinov Avatar

    I like the dead body silhouette! But the chosen one is f’in awesome! Mmm.. the flares! :-)

  2. Alex.R Avatar

    congrats mate
    looks EPIC :)

  3. Cameron Avatar

    Sweet design, looks very memorable! I love the subtle textures! It kinda reminds me of the Mad Max logo, which is killer!

  4. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Agreed with Sergei, the dead body is epic! : )

  5. Adam Avatar

    I dig it. But to me the “Yer” looks like it needs to be moved left a bit…looks off center to me. That way it will cover up the bolt like it does on the right as well. Just my two cents keep up the great work man!

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