WWE StarKade

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  1. Great stuff. Love the style. BAM BAM or Junk Yard dog? Love the Hot rod man. Takes me waaaaay back like you said to the WWF days.

  2. If you do feel the need to create some more, here are the ones you should look into;

    Bruno Sammartino
    Andre the Giant
    Ric Flair
    Steve Austin
    The Rock
    The Undertaker

  3. maybe a quick tutorial on making the characters and how you get that gritty type of gradient ?

  4. Damn these are awesome, definitely takes me back in the days. What about Ravishing Rick Rude, The Rockers and The Honkey Tonk Man.

  5. Junk yard dog… Heck yeah! Awesome stuff. Need a huge poster with all of these on it. Nice work sir.

  6. I’m a huge wrestling fan as well and I love these, great job! Here are some suggestions:
    Andre the Giant
    Ric Flair
    Sgt. Slaughter
    The Undertaker
    Shawn Michaels

    Never thought you were a fan too, keep them coming, please. :)

  7. nice work, will love to have a tutorial on how you make the texture, love you new style incorporating vector. pease from mtl

  8. Seriously. You did KoKo B. Ware. I hope it was my suggestion. If not, I will just pretend. Love it!

    Dude, if you can somehow pull off a color forms set of this, where i can place these dudes in a ring, even better.

  9. I’d like to see these guys added – Sgt. Slaughter, Kane, Captain Lou Albano, and Mr. Fuji.

  10. Amazing !
    Are these available for purchase ? (if not) Can I use these images on my website with attribution to your website?

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