WWE StarKade

WWE illustrations by James White

WWE illustration by James White
Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart
WWE illustration by James White
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts
WWE illustration by James White
Hawk and Animal, The Legion of Doom
WWE illustration by James White
Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage
WWE illustration by James White
The Ultimate Warrior
WWE Illustrations by James White
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper
WWE illustrations by James White
Hulk Hogan
WWE illustrations by James White
‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase
WWE illustrations by James White
Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat
WWE illustrations by James White
The Junkyard Dog
WWE illustrations by James White
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
WWE illustrations by James White
Koko B. Ware
WWE Illustrations by James White
André the Giant
WWE illustrations by James White
The Undertaker
WWE illustrations by James White

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, over the last few days you will have noticed my latest run of illustrations focusing on the superstars of the WWE (or WWF, as it was called in my youth). I wanted to jump back into this style and was looking for some fun subject matter that hasn’t really been explored by the pop-culture vultures. Wrestlers was it.

I haven’t been into wrestling for about 2 decades now, kinda stopped watching around the early 90s. But getting into these illustrations re-opened just how INTO wrestling I was back then. From about ’87 to ’93 it ruled my life, mostly due to my childhood buddy Mike. We drew our own wrestlers, ran our own imaginary federations and watched a ton of the special WWF events. So much fun.

So here are the first illustrations of wrestlers, with many more to come. As always, your thoughts and requests are welcome. Judging by the response, I had no idea so many of you were wrestling fans.

What started as a fun little project might be growing into something more. Currently talking to a few notable people interested in doing something. More soon?

EDIT: As I complete new illustrations I’ll be adding them to this blog post, for easy reference.






24 responses to “WWE StarKade”

  1. Reno Gruber Avatar

    Awesome. You need to tweet these to WWE. I know they’ve been contracting work out to outside artists of late. http://www.wwe.com/inside/artist-jill-thompson-on-illustrating-cm-punks-second-city-saint-t-shirt-26107762

  2. Dave Hardy Avatar

    Andre the Giant and Hulk… but you probably already knew that.

  3. Alan Karnitz Avatar
    Alan Karnitz

    Great stuff. Love the style. BAM BAM or Junk Yard dog? Love the Hot rod man. Takes me waaaaay back like you said to the WWF days.

  4. Kyle Brinker Avatar
    Kyle Brinker

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Rick Flair.

  5. Aziz Miah Avatar
    Aziz Miah

    If you do feel the need to create some more, here are the ones you should look into;

    Bruno Sammartino
    Andre the Giant
    Ric Flair
    Steve Austin
    The Rock
    The Undertaker

  6. adam pominski Avatar
    adam pominski

    maybe a quick tutorial on making the characters and how you get that gritty type of gradient ?

  7. Kris Bazen Avatar

    I’d LOVE to get involved with a project like this. Old School WWF Wrestling is my jam!!!

  8. adam Avatar

    Damn these are awesome, definitely takes me back in the days. What about Ravishing Rick Rude, The Rockers and The Honkey Tonk Man.

  9. Alan Karnitz Avatar
    Alan Karnitz

    Junk yard dog… Heck yeah! Awesome stuff. Need a huge poster with all of these on it. Nice work sir.

  10. Ray Krueger Avatar

    Superfly Snuka!

  11. George Avatar

    I’m a huge wrestling fan as well and I love these, great job! Here are some suggestions:
    Andre the Giant
    Ric Flair
    Sgt. Slaughter
    The Undertaker
    Shawn Michaels

    Never thought you were a fan too, keep them coming, please. :)

  12. max Avatar

    nice work, will love to have a tutorial on how you make the texture, love you new style incorporating vector. pease from mtl

  13. Marcus Williamson Avatar

    Too smooth brother

  14. Jeta Avatar

    Awesome work! But, as request, I miss the (old) Undertaker.

  15. Rajiv Nathan (@RajNATION) Avatar

    Bobby The Brain Heenan and Mr Perfect!

  16. Jrocka Avatar

    Seriously. You did KoKo B. Ware. I hope it was my suggestion. If not, I will just pretend. Love it!

    Dude, if you can somehow pull off a color forms set of this, where i can place these dudes in a ring, even better.

  17. Joey Avatar

    I’d like to see these guys added – Sgt. Slaughter, Kane, Captain Lou Albano, and Mr. Fuji.

  18. Angelo Avatar

    Is Bret Hart for sale?

  19. Sean B. Avatar
    Sean B.

    I will purchase all of these when you release the prints! Would love a Shawn Michaels to really complete the set. If you’re going vintage, do HBK from 1992-93. http://bit.ly/14umfhn

  20. Leads Avatar

    Love these. Are they available to buy or print?

  21. Anthony Avatar

    These are brilliant. I’d love to see a Big Boss Man, and maybe a Mick Foley.

  22. ripul Avatar

    Amazing !
    Are these available for purchase ? (if not) Can I use these images on my website with attribution to your website?

  23. Tyler Avatar

    Do you see yourself taking these into animation?

  24. Craig Avatar

    Love it! Razor Ramon & vintage HBK, please?

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