Wordburglar 2009 Summer Tour

The Wordburglar

If you are into the Halifax or Toronto hiphop scene you might be familiar with my good pal Sean Jordan, otherwise known as the Wordburglar. SJ is embarking on his 2009 Summer Tour starting tonight at Rancho Relaxo (300 College Street) in Toronto, before working his way east to visit us on the coast. He will be doing a show here in Halifax on August 8th.

Being a fellow child of the 80s, SJ is into all things fun and colorful from that era, and works in many references to Gi-Joe and comic books into his songs. I wanted to make a little promotional poster for him from that era, and decided to attempt this re-creation of an old VHS cover entitled The Power. I came across the image a while ago, and was looking for an opportunity to re-make it.

The Power VHS cover

I highly recommend checking out the upcoming Wordburglar shows if he swings by your city. Check his Myspace for dates and venues.






10 responses to “Wordburglar 2009 Summer Tour”

  1. riles Avatar

    love this!

  2. vgodard Avatar

    i love this one… fuckin’ awesome

  3. Wittevrongel Avatar

    Pretty sweet poster!

  4. Nick Alexander Avatar


  5. solemone Avatar

    Really great work!

  6. Ben Avatar

    I would enjoy to watch this movie. Please advise.

  7. Kev Gilmour Avatar

    Nice poster man, I love how you are willing to post your influences too.

    I have to say my favourite part is not your artwork tho, the venue name “Rancho Relaxo” is awesome!

    I love a good Simpsons reference, me.

  8. Jukes Avatar

    This is so fantastic.

  9. Cameron Avatar

    That looks amazing! If i was wearing a hat, i’d take it off to you James! Great job!

  10. Lisa Avatar

    I love the AWESOME poster, it is great. Some day maybe you can design an album cover for my son. Keep up the great work.

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