Wood Block Residence by Chadbourne and Doss

Chadbourne and Doss architects

Chadbourne and Doss architects

Chadbourne and Doss architects

Chadbourne and Doss architects

Chadbourne and Doss architects

Chadbourne and Doss architects

Chadbourne and Doss architects

It’s not very often I post about architecture on the blog, mostly because I know very little about the field aside from what appeals to me. However, after checking out the above images three times over the past day I felt an exception was in order. I came across these via Wearesuperfamous.

Shown here are some beautiful shots of the Wood Block Residence from the architects Chadbourne and Doss. This house incorporates everything I love about modern interior and exterior design, including steel, nice slats of wood, chrome highlights, nice squares and rectangles plus lots of glass. I would someday love to live in a place like this. So peaceful and elegant, yet industrial.

Here is bit of a descriptor taken from the original post:

“Located on the west side of Mercer Island, Washington, this house is a reconstruction of one of iconic Seattle architect Fred Bassetti’s earliest designs built in 1962. Fronting a busy street, we wanted to root the house to its sloping wooded site and provide a protective shelter for family life. The plan is opened up allowing for large family gathering spaces and perspectives throughout the full length of the house. A new metal skin with interior cedar liner wraps over the roof and grounds the house to the site. An aluminum bar grating screen encloses an exterior patio and deck filtering interior views and forming a sparkling and diaphanous wall from the street. The entry approach is redesigned with a cantilevered concrete landing in a sunken courtyard and a 4’ x 11’ pivot door to the interior. Bathing spaces are ethereally bright, smooth and seamless. Materials throughout are natural but installed and crafted in an extremely crisp manner.”

If this has you itching to see more, swing over to Schuchart/Dow for more architectural beauty.






4 responses to “Wood Block Residence by Chadbourne and Doss”

  1. Linus Ekenstam Avatar

    Lovely! I’m so glad that you read our blog. Thank you for the mention.
    Read your blog almost everyday.

  2. james Avatar

    Thank YOU, Linus. I really enjoy the creative gear you guys post. Keep up the great work.

  3. SP3KTR Avatar

    This home design appeals to you because it contains similar qualities to your own work. It drips sleek sexy lines and glimmers of fabulous chrome, how could you not love this design?

  4. Jim Avatar

    The designs are so appealing because they are so modern.

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