Wolves by James White

Time for some metal. This piece is influenced by some of my favorite metal acts spanning many sub-genres of the sound.

Metal has had it’s ups and downs in terms of design over the years, but I love the ambient brooding nature some bands are taking their work over the past few years. The style is pretty prevalent on labels such as Hydrahead and Ipecac, and I first started noticing it with bands like Pelican, Isis, The Red Sparowes and Boris.

The use of natural elements, such as landscapes, ocean, trees, mountains, etc mixed with brooding architecture and form perfectly captures the essence of this new breed of sound.






5 responses to “Wolves”

  1. Max Avatar

    i agree. i also notice alot of bands likes to incorporate landscapes or textures as part of their visual image. esp, isis brings landscape to evoke the feel of their atmospheric sound. the new album kind of moved away from it, which is good to break away the typical covers other copycat bands bring out these days.

  2. Lukes Avatar

    i love this man , print soon please? you should check out “North” for some amazing stuff in the same vain has pelican and isis.

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Ah-ha! That’s the stuff you were telling me about. Very cool. Two goats up.

  4. Gail Avatar

    The real man behind this style is actally Seldon Hunt. Check his work if you don’t what he’s up to > http://www.seldonhunt.com/

  5. james Avatar

    Lukes, I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for the heads up!

    Gail, good call. I am currently writing up an inspiration post on Seldon’s work, namely his tour posters for Isis and Boris. Love his work, and thanks for the link :)

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