WMCFest 2012 Wrap-up

Hanging with Johnny Cupcakes and Chuck Anderson!
The Snack Pack! Going bananas with Johnny and Friends Of Type.
The one and only Matt Stevens! So happy, lookit that guy.

Just got back from an awesome trip down to Cleveland, Ohio to attend and speak at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. I’ve heard a lot about this event over the past couple of years and was excited to check out what all the buzz was about. Was so happy to get an invitation to take the stage.

What a fantastic time. Great auditorium to speak in and a nice big music venue right across the street where everyone gathered to hang out after the days speakers. So here is a rapid fire, 20-point machine gun list of my experiences and memories from the big trip. Hit it.

1. Drew a Ninja Turtle on the plane.
2. Crazy Hyatt hotel in Cleveland looked like the interior of a cruise ship. Ritzy.
3. Accidentally/Hilariously walked into the Scottish equivalent of a Hooters. Hello Tilted Kilt ladies!
4. Ran into Nebraska’s own Nick Evans on a deserted street. Laughter commenced.
5. Caught up with the Georgia titan Mike Jones! What a gentleman. What a beard.
6. Beer folies – accidentally called the “PBR” a “BRP”. Burp. Was laughed at.
7. “A really cool hat.” If you were there, you know what I’m talking about.
8. Mad hangouts with Chuck Anderson and Matt Stevens. Many topics covered. Many laughs had.
9. “The casino gotta great spread.” was the concierge’s breakfast suggestion to Chuck. Amazing.
10. Saw Nate Utesch destroy the stage. Talked about his Ferocious Quarterly. MAD talent.
11. Tad Carpenter was on fire. Hilarious guy. Amazing work. Killer talk. Great hand-shaker.
12. Great (first time) talk by Rachael Novak. Side hustle! Really dig her work.
13. Saw Chuck sweat like a moose onstage. An awesome and glistening presentation.
14. Johnny Cupcakes told us his entire story mingled with advice and doodoo jokes. And cockroaches!
15. Went to famous Happy Dogs with Buffalo correspondent Paul Pants. 50 toppings?!
16. The Friends Of Type crew let me jump into their cab, then gave me a tote bag! Swell bunch.
17. Took the stage for my DESIGN RENEGADE talk. Awesome time, great crowd. Awkward laughs.
18. Watched Kate Bingaman Burt  set the stage ablaze! She’s one talented machine-gun. Wow.
19. Nerded-out with Johnny Cupcakes backstage. Talked about our childhood He-man collections.
20. Super fun WMCFest closing party, complete with a streaker. Yes, a streaker! With nudity!

I’m forgetting loads of stuff and people, but you all know who you are and it was more than a pleasure to meet you all. So many hands shook and so many laughs shared. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to see me speak, you packed the room from front to back and really made this lone Canadian feel welcome. You even laughed at my lame jokes. I’m in your debt, Cleveland.

Finally, a GIANT thanks to the guys responsible for bringing me down in such style and for putting on such a fantastic event, Jeff Finely and Joseph Hughes. The effort and care these guys out into WMCFest is unrivalled and it shows. Thanks so much, guys. You should be real proud to have brought together such a wonderful and creative hoard of people.

I’ll miss you, WMCFest!






6 responses to “WMCFest 2012 Wrap-up”

  1. Jayson Avatar

    Awesome talk, sir.

  2. Regina Avatar

    You did absolutely fantastic! It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to future events.

  3. Nick Hess Avatar

    You forgot how I insisted you tear out the Leonardo sketch for my collection haha. So nice of you to alter your Field Notes, James.

  4. Franz Jeitz Avatar

    Sounds like you had a wicked time. I’ll definitely make it down for WMC 2013!

  5. Simon H. Avatar

    Awesome talk my good sir, and really nice to finally meet you. Also, I’m not able to hold as much beer as you.

  6. David Ballard Avatar

    I really enjoyed the talk and awesome artwork! Is there any way you’d share that slide deck? Thanks for coming and making WMCfest so cool. Plus, I’m sure you never get this, but you’re like a cooler, better looking Andy Warhol. Ha!

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