Who are you?

Who are you?

The graphic above says it all . . . who are you?

I’m one of those nerds who checks out the web stats almost every day to see who is coming to my site, where they’re from, and how they get here. Based on the numbers, I know there are a lot of you design kids out there checking things out yet I have only gotten to know a handful of frequent comment leavers. You know who you are, and you’re awesome.

So for the rest of you, here is your chance. Drop me a line in the comments and introduce yourself. Where do you work? Where are you from? What are you into? What are you working on? What’s your website link? Whatever you want to say, do it.

Us designers have to stick together, man, so step on into this post and lets all shake hands.






116 responses to “Who are you?”

  1. Ian Coles Avatar

    Hey James, Thanks for the invite to say hello and with the comments currently being blank it’s an irresistible offer!

    I’m a freelance designer living and working in London. I do a bit of everything (have a look at http://www.colesi.com), but I am quite encouraged to get some more personal projects going after seeing your site.
    I’m loving your site the great blend of your work, inspiration and music… what more could a designer look for!
    My reason/ excuse for not commenting yet… RSS i get the feed straight into my inbox so it’s just the one step removed.

    Looking forward to when you do an earlier broadcast so us guys this side of the pond can check it out! Keep on Rocking!

  2. Juliet Towner Avatar

    Hey James,

    I’ve been a fan of your work for a very long time. I also appreciate the inspiration pieces that you post.

    My name is Juliet Towner and I’m a church designer in upstate NY.

    Keep up the amazing work. You’re always an inspiration to me.

  3. Julien Avatar

    Hi James,

    great initiative ! I’m Julien from France. I’m a freelance graphic designer. I’ve been freelancing for 2 years now, in Paris. I really enjoy swiss and german graphic design (as well as canadian : lots of common points with european 50/60s design).

    I really enjoy your work, your simplicity and approachability (did I make up a word here?). I usually bookmark all the influences you quote :)

    Here’s my portfolio : http://www.julientredanturini.com

    Next time you’re in Paris, feel free to email/ring.

    Much respect,


  4. Dusan Vlahovic Avatar

    Hi James!

    My name is dusan and i’m a graphic designer from Chile.

    I have left a few comments earlier, and i love your work. I don’t know where i saw it first but i was impressed by the use of oolors, and it reminded me of boxes and posters from the 80’s, which is cool.

    I’m most into web design, or any form of design that’s digital. I’d love to make posters like you but i think i need more practice. I’m into photography as well, here’s my flickr account http://flickr.com/dusanvf.

    Your work is amazing, continue to keep us inspired!.

  5. Mike Green Avatar

    Hey there, My name is Mike (or at least that’s my graphic designer name these times).

    I’m a 24 years old graphic designer living in Belgium and trying his hardest to get emotions and reactions from people about my work, well, even if the most enjoyable is still when it comes from other designers. I’m also working as senior webdesigner in a belgium company while I’m enjoying print design and illustration possibilities during my freetime, along with three mates of mine for the “vous êtes des pixels” collective.

    These days? Working on a new Cd cover for a belgian band, a graphic identity for a web company and screencast vidéos for an E-learning company (And you can add the regular webdesign job during the day !)

    I really like the idea and the stuff coming from you man! you, mister varanese and scott hansen are great inspirations for vintage stuff. Keep ’em coming!

    Here is our folio : http://www.vousetesdespixels.be (building another so it’s not really up to date), last jobs can be found here : http://www.kontain.com/vous-etes-des-pixels/#entries/mostRecent/1
    and our twitter account : http://www.twitter.com/vedpxl

    Don’t hesitate to drop a line guys!

  6. David Behm Avatar

    Hi James!

    What a GREAT idea!! I do agree, us designers must communicate, unite and stick together!

    I work for a direct mail company in the Chicago suburbs and I also do Freelance on the side. I am also the designer for The Chicago Paranormal Detectives (www.chicagoparanormaldetectives.com.) A great group of friends of mine that have a show coming out an A&E soon called “Paranormal Cops”.

    I have been admiring your work for some time now. Believe it or not, I check your site out every morning, which helps get the creative juices flowing before I start my day.

    Looking forward to seeing more from you , and thanks for the opportunity to say “Hi”.

  7. Jim MacLeod Avatar

    Hey James,
    I’ve been following your blog & Twitter for a while now and it’s very inspirational.

    I originally started out wanting to be a comic book illustrator and I’m now a graphic designer that leans more towards web development these days. My portfolio site is http://www.JimMacLeod.com I work for a small advertising/marketing agency in Massachusetts, but I live up in NH.

    Nights and weekends are when I do most of my graphic design/art.

    And finally, nice to meet you,

  8. Mika Avatar


    Great idea! I am Mika (a man’s name here in Finland) and I probably am an oddball in this group since I am professional manager in software field. I come to your site almost daily to seek ideas for presentations and marketing materiel. Like a lot of engineers, I am very fond of scifi, and lot of your graphics remind me of 70’s and 80’s science fiction.

    Thank you for a lot of ideas!



  9. ADN Avatar

    I love to see that kind of work, very inspiring.

    Illustrator, designer, flash-designer, I love all graphical stuffs and I’m happy when I play with pencils, Wacom, Flash or Photoshop… and I’m lucky, I earn some money to play with that. All links to what I do for business AND pleasure are here: http://adrien.noterdaem.be/

  10. Conor O'Byrne Avatar
    Conor O’Byrne

    Hi James, I really like your work and you find the most amazing inspirational bits and pieces (such as that bravery video mind=blown.) I work as a product designer in Ireland.

    This reminds me, I got this album: http://squarepusher.net/justasouvenir/jpg/home/justasouvenir_1000x1000px.jpg a few months ago and thought you might like the album art.

  11. james Avatar

    Excellent! Thanks for dropping some notes everyone. Always a pleasure meeting creative people from around the globe and checking out what facet of design they’re involved in. Always diverse.

    Busy checking out all of your links as you post them, really appreciate the comments. Pleasure to meet you all.

  12. Matt Brett Avatar

    Nice, James! I recall this sort of thing happening more frequently a few years back, and it’s a great way to see who’s around you with similar interests and such.

    Fellow Canadian here, from a suburb of Toronto. Been doing the web design thing professionally for nearly 10 years now. Started at MuchMusic in ’00 and moved onto freelance back in ’05.

    I have a blog and portfolio site in one at http://mattbrett.com. The most common topic on my blog is video games, and mostly reviews of recent releases.

    I don’t recall when or where I first stumbled upon your work, but I immediately started following you on Flickr, then Twitter when you jumped on board. Your work is always inspirational, even though it’s completely different from the type of work I produce.

    Take care.

  13. Stefan Dukaczewski Avatar

    Great idea James!
    I’m Stefan Dukaczewski.
    Designer from Montreal Canada.
    I work in the advertising game during the day at an agency here and run a smaller studio called MSTRPLN® in the offtime after that.

    Portfolio: http://www.mstrpln.com
    Blog: http://www.mstrpln.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/mstrpln

    I also run Forsnowboarding™, the design based snowboard lifestyle website:
    http://www.forsnowboarding.com • Would be cool to feature you on that! Let me know!

  14. Chris Avatar

    Hi James,

    I am an in house designer for a multi-national IT consultancy firm, not as impressive as it sounds. I am based in Scotland, I pretty much have to turn my hand to anything I can. Mainly web, but I have done a fair amount of print work lately. I am not allowed to mention the company name sorry.

    What am I into, well your work for one. I purchased a couple of of your prints a while back. Mainly I am into fun, interesting and slightly more tongue in cheek design. I don’t really care what genre of music I am listening to, it just has to interest me, thats why listen to: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, YMCK, Masterplan, trance mixes, LTJ bukem, Ladytron and many others.

    I play games in my spare time and read sci-fi/fantasy/manga on the bus.

    I really appreciate your work and your attitude. I really like the broadcast.

  15. Scott Goetz Avatar

    Hey James,

    My name is Scott and I’m a web designer currently working in Calgary.

    I started following your work a couple years back when I was in college. I’m pretty sure the first piece of yours I saw was the Dagger Woods, ever since then I have been following your work. I have always loved the colour, contrast and overall style of your work.

    I graduated from college with a Web Design diploma just over 2 years ago and have been working in the field ever since. Your work has always been an inspiration to what I do and what I would like to do. My portfolio can be viewed at http://sgoetz.com. Although I have been trying to work on a redesign as it is a couple years old now and its outdated.

    Keep doing what your doing,


  16. Michael Faber Avatar

    Hey James,

    Great idea!

    I’ve been following your work for a long time now and I’ve picked up a lot of great techniques and inspiration along the way.

    Would love to hear what you think about my work. You can hit up my blog at http://blog.michaelfaberdesign.com or check out my portfolio on behance (linked from the blog).

    Last year around this time I made a 2009 calendar to share with family and friends for the holidays drawing on inspiration from some of my favorite designers that year. You are one of the four designers I chose – check out the final project on behance (direct link: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/2009-Calendar-Inspirations/212410) Each quarterly calendar page is a personally designed piece drawing heavily on the style of the featured designer/artist.

    Now I gotta get started on my 2010 version!

    Take care buddy.


  17. Cathy Clarke Avatar
    Cathy Clarke

    Hi James,

    I’m happy to introduce myself as a reader of your blog and a fan of your work ;) I’m a web designer/developer in Rochester, NY at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Designing to enhance student learning and experience is a pretty rewarding job, and working at a tech university opens the door for a lot of experimentation and innovation. I start every day checking out all the inspiration on the web, including your site, so a big thanks for contributing to that!

    I have one of your posters hanging right over my desk in my office, check out my recent tweet for a photo… http://twitter.com/cclarke4/status/5682476834

    Thanks for taking an active interest in learning more about us, your fellow designers!

  18. fantique Avatar

    Hi James,

    so, my name is Egor (fantique). I live in Republic of Moldova (which is so far from the US), work as freelance graphic designer (specialize on logotypes mostly) and also work for one design studio here as creative director, but understand that this is not serious, cause I have to learn so many things and to achive so many goals to become a real CD.

    I found your site, when saw your Daft Punk poster at behance and realized that I like ur style. So, from time to time I check this site, but also follow you on twitter (mine is http://www.twitter.com/fantique if interested). Unfortunately, don’t have a real chance to participate in your broadcasts, cause my knowledge of english is not as good as I’d like it to be, but I’m working on it, yeah :)

    Recently, I’ve opened my blog, where I try to write useful articles about my design life (all the learning and working processes). So, you are welcome! http://www.taradara.com

    That’s all at the moment.

    All the best,

  19. Matt Avatar


    I’m Matt and I have never really commented on your site before but I’ve been checking out all your posts and work on my rss reader for months now. I love all your vector work, especially when you add textures or have a more minimal color pallette.

    Personally I’m just a big dork and a rare breed of Star Wars AND Star Trek fan. (I also love Tron of course) I’m currently a 3rd year student in industrial design and am having an awesome time interning for the toy company Little Tikes. I have a thing for dinosaurs/monsters, robots and spaceships so I spend my free time doodling those instead of doodling products. I listen to mostly indie scene music with a few more hard rock bands thrown in such as Priestess, Queens of the Stone Age and Wolfmother but my favorite band is The Dodos.

    Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

  20. Jakub Steiner Avatar

    Hey James,
    I’ve been following your work for a while, always impressed with your posters.

    I’m a graphics designer mostly focusing on icon design. The one special thing is that I only use Free software in my toolchain.


  21. Kim Gelotte Avatar

    Hi James!

    My mind always seems to be empty when I’m to introduce myself, but I’ll do my best.

    My name is Kim Gelotte, and I’m a 23 year old dude, living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m currently working (not with anything graphic-related :( ), and on my spare time, I like to play around in pixelmator, listen to some good hardrock records, play some video games etc. If everything goes as planned, I hope to start study graphic design next fall.

    Thanks for all the inspiration, tutorials, tips and what not!

    You can find me at:
    behance: http://www.behance.net/kimgelotte
    twitter: http//www.twitter.com/kimgelotte
    or check out my blog: http://kimgelotte.se

  22. Fab Soldano Avatar

    Hi James!
    I’m Fabrizio Soldano and i’m a 24 years old graphic student from “Politecnico di Torino” in Italy! (sorry for my bad english :P)
    I got a degree in Graphic and Virtual Design and now i’m studying Eco-Design master degree.
    I also work as a freelance graphic designer when i got some free time!

    Here there are some of my works:

    Thank you for all the inspiration you can give me with your works.
    Every guy like me hopes to reach your skills one day!

  23. Deg Avatar

    I’m Deg. I’m in my mid-twenties. I spend half my time in graphics and half my time in code for tentonhammer.com. I enjoy my work but the site has a long way to go before it reaches my ideal of a clean and beautiful design. My personal site is abstractpenguin.com. Away from the computer, I enjoy camping and kayaking but don’t do enough of either. And I just got married.

  24. dana dobbie Avatar

    Oh-la James, and of course fellow designers.

    I hail from London, Ontario where I’m currently busting out moves in the Marketing and Communications department of Fanshawe College, while finishing my post graduate program of Digital Post Production. (which I have a internship to complete in the month of April, so if anyone knows of any awesome places to apply at, or you, yourself could use a hand – let me know – will relocate anywhere!)

    I’m into – adventures, creating, and living.
    Current obsession is mustaches – i can’t seem to get enough of them. i think it might have to do with movember.

    Needless to say, what a stellar idea. I concur that us, designers, need to stick together – and possibly, dare i say – take over the world?! mwhahaha

    cheers guys –

  25. Jason Neel Avatar

    My name’s Jason Neel. I guess I’m not really, technically a ‘designer’, but I like doing web design-related stuff and I love looking at designs and work of other people to get inspired. I work as a ‘Webmaster’ (always hated my title) for an educational organization called Intermediate Unit 1 (http://www.iu1.org) here in southwestern Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh. Our organization sits between local school districts and Pennsylvania’s Department of Education and provides services and information for both. I mostly maintain their website, and currently I’m in the process of redesigning said site.

    Love the idea of this post.

  26. Pat Avatar

    Hey James,

    My name is Pat, and I’ve been following your blog for about 4 months now. I’m a big fan of the work that you do, and constantly find inspiration in your work and the work of others that you showcase.

    I currently work at a design studio in London, Canada, as well as doing some freelance work on the side. I’m one of two main designers for Fusion Ads. I also do web design, and am slowly starting to learn a bit more about print design (sort of went the opposite way of most people there). I’m self-taught, and have been designing for about 2 years.

    I’m currently working on a site for a musician/writer who is moving down to Nashville to follow his dream, as well as finishing up a new design for my own site.

    Thanks for the invite for everyone to introduce themselves. Looks like you have a fantastic community built up here!

  27. Alex Young Avatar

    I’m a programmer based in London. I design and build web apps and iPhone apps. I write a lot as well! My wife is a copywriter, and we’re both addicted to videogames.


    Zdravstvuitye James. You are much too kind to take interest in little people like myself. I am late 30’s web designer / developer for a non-profit in Omaha, Nebraska. I love to travel the world and study foreign language and culture.

    I have no education in graphic design or information technology – my undergrad is Philosophy and masters in Theology. But web design is my passion! Perhaps someday I will go into business on my own. Just a distant dream…

    Enjoy your site every day,

  29. Watafak Avatar

    Hi James, my name is Emiliano and i work under the name of watafak, which is my freelance studio project. This is my Twitter user @_watafak_ Great pieces man! keep up the good work.

  30. ana Avatar

    hello, Ana here.
    I’m actually somewhere between film/arts production and digital publishing also living between London and Warsaw (Poland). In Warsaw I have a day job in publishing to pay for above mentioned extravagant hobbies. In London I mainly help friends with their creative endeavors.

    In spare time I like to tweak with graphic design for the web, currently getting ready to refurbish my english site http://www.abinarylife.com I’m an amateur, so I like to check this site (another fav port of call is Surfstation) to be in awe of how beautiful and thought through things can look.

    I’m on twitter as @binarylife, every one come say hi (i’m easily lured into working for free, if you need a producer – there I said it)

  31. Roberlan Borges Avatar

    Hi from Brazil :)
    My name is Roberlan Borges, 31, freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Im a vector artist, and i love everything vintage (photography, art, typography). Well, just saying hello :)

  32. Matthias Avatar

    Hey James!

    I’m the Austrian information design student who sent you your logo in 3D ;)

  33. Doward Avatar

    Big up from Bama James! Like many others across the globe, I’ve been a huge fan of your work for some time now. I think you have a very distinct visual style and really dig your approach to each working project.

    I’m also a freelance designer, working in Huntsville, AL., which (believe it or not) is a huge tech city and a large government, aerospace hub. It’s not the same market as ATL or NYC, but thanks to the web, the world is a smaller place these days.

    And I agree with you, designers should stick together and help each other out, especially in these trying times.

    Absolutely love your work and your site. Keep doing what you do!

  34. Andrea Pelizzardi Avatar

    Hey there James!
    What’s up? :)
    I’m Andrea Pelizzardi also know as TheGoldenFlux.
    I’m a 18 years old ITALIAN freelance web/graphic designer.

    What I like to do the most is creating posters, CD covers, illustrations and flyers.

    I love design and everything about space, galaxies and stars.

    Besides… I’m a drummer, a music lover, an Apple abducted and a little bit ja***ss.

    Nothing else to communicate.

    Keep up the good work. :)

    Follow me @TheGoldenFlux and visit my website

  35. Courtny Cotten Avatar

    Hello everyone! I loved reading everyone’s stories, probably spent a half hour here checking out all the links. Such a diverse group of people from around the world!! James, I stumbled upon your work after following Josh Smith (Hydro74) for some time…

    My name is Courtny and I hail from the great mid-western state of Indiana. I am currently a 21 year old student studying New Media Design at the University of Indianapolis. I enjoy spending time with my wife and trying to illustrate (haha).

    I work for a Software Engineering firm and design desktop and iPhone application interfaces. My expertise are in web development and design, but I also have a love for print and information visualization.

    I am currently consumed by my senior thesis. It involves a study on human computer interaction and the effects that designers have on understanding our binary counterparts. Blog posts soon to come…

    Your work is most triumphant James, and thanks for giving all of us readers a chance to connect and get to know one another. You’ve gained an insane amount of street credit with this one!

  36. Nick Brookfield Avatar
    Nick Brookfield

    Hello there,
    my name is Nick and i live and work in Liverpool UK. I work as a web/graphic designer for Liverpool Football Club.
    great work!

  37. Oliver Avatar

    Hey James,
    great idea! :)

    So please let me introduce myself quickly.

    My name is Oliver and I am a junior art director from cologne, germany.
    Though I live in Bonn (the capitol of germany till 1990) which is about 30km to cologne.

    In my day-job I am graphic designer in a print-related advertising agency. In the evenings I create websites and icons etc. (maybe you know my iconset ‘flavour extended’) in my own little company.

    Thanks for asking!

    Cheers, Oliver

  38. Oliver Avatar

    Oh yeah, allmost forgot:

    You can find my personal website over at http://www.addictedtocoffee.de
    and me over at http://twitter.com/mywayhome

    AND: I am totally addicted to coffee. But who is not!? :)

  39. Robert Croft Avatar

    Hey James, I am a Graphic Designer and CG Artist currently working behind the scenes to identify and design Visualization, and Interactivity for Augmented Reality. I think you have a great sense of design and the skills to execute it so keep up the great work! Currently following you on twitter under the alias of @robertkcroft.

  40. David Millar Avatar

    Hey there James and readers! I’m David Millar, and I’m a graphic designer and puzzle creator from Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

    I love knitting and video games and cooking. I like making business cards the most, but I’ll try anything. I once designed a web site in exchange for 2 cases of gourmet salsa.

    My web site is called The Griddle and you can download a lot of logic puzzles there. I’m on Twitter at @davemillar and @thegriddle.

    The first time I found this blog, I spent three hours pouring over your work and then I cried myself to sleep because I know I can’t do work this good, but I’m constantly working on my skills.

    My passion is making everything look awesome, because my opinion is that you should at least get to look at something nice no matter how boring or awful (or maybe how cool if you’re lucky) the thing you’re doing may be.

  41. schroeder Avatar

    Hey James,
    Ryan Schroeder from Portland, Oregon…I work for a web analytics company here, which is funny since I don’t really do any web design work, just handle the print side of things mostly.

    Been watching your work for some time now and it never dissapoints (even though the latest trend of 80’s metal type isn’t really my thing).

    Keep it real and keep making great work!


  42. Shelby White Avatar

    Shelby White here, tuning in from my site, Wanken. I’m a designographer based out of Seattle, WA.

    We have the same last name, but I’m positive we aren’t related ;).

  43. Rafael Tavares Avatar

    My name is Rafael, I´m a graphic artist from Brazil
    Please check my work =) http://www.digitalmiasma.net

  44. Kevin W Avatar


    I’m Kevin Whitfield from Rochester NY. I first saw your work in a lecture a professor gave about inspiration. I tracked down the design (your Varo International piece) and found your site. Have had you on my rss list ever since.

    I do vfx, motion graphics, interactive design, development, and whatever else needs doing.

    For fun, I listen to Metal, play in a metal band, and do a lot of “automated” lighting work for concerts and plays and such. I’m also into pipe organs, building & designing guitars, lasers, stage effects, astronomy…
    oh, and did I say lasers ;)

    I used to be in engineering and astrophysics, but decided it was easier to draw the stars then go to them.


  45. Phil Coffman Avatar

    My name’s Phil, I’m 31 and an Art Director at Springbox, an interactive marketing agency in Austin, TX. I’ve been a professional designer for about 10 years and love every minute of it. I’m married, have a 16 month old son, and love living in Austin.

    I’m currently working on various projects for AMD, Dell, and other new business prospects.

    My personal site features some of my work and a blog where I discuss my inspirations, thoughts, etc. I’m also a photography hobbyist and shoot mostly with my Nikon, but recently more with my iPhone, which has proved to be incredibly addicting. I wrote an article recently on iPhone Photography that shares my experiences with the platform.

    This post is a great idea. I’ve always enjoyed your work and your thought processes behind it. Thanks for sharing and keep it going man!

  46. ADN Avatar

    (where’s my comment?)

  47. Design Informer Avatar

    Hello James,

    I’m Jad, a freelance web designer and graphic designer in Long Beach, CA.

    My personal portfolio site is http://www.jadgraphics.net

    I also run a design blog called Design Informer. http://designinformer.com

  48. Glitterati_Duane Avatar

    What’s up James? Love your work. Found out about you through a friend on Twitter and now I see your stuff everywhere. I was born in Bermuda but live and work in Halifax. I work as one of the Graphic Designer for the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine and do my own thing at Glitterati Communications. It’s great to see someone from this area doing it big. Congrats on your success!

  49. james Avatar

    Pleasure to meet each and every one of you guys. I’m astounded at the variety of locations, ages and occupations, I sincerely had no idea such a diverse group dropped by the blog. I really appreciate your taking the time to contribute.

    I’m keeping up on the reading and links as best I can (currently at the office) and am having a wonderful time doing so. If you are reading through as I am, be sure to have a look at the sites listed here. Great stuff.

  50. james Avatar

    ADN, did you post a comment that didn’t make it? I’ve been keeping track of the posts that require moderation and didn’t see one from you yet. I hope the internet ghosts didn’t vanish it.

  51. Jason Strauss Avatar

    Hi James,

    I currently lost my cushy job designing for a company that supplies cedar cabins and homes, simple brochure work and all that… Now I’m in the world of freelance and it’s almost as scary as the world of corporate. I just might throw up a little bit now and then.

    I am currently working on building a site for a company called Enviro Plus who are trying to revolutionize the coupon world. Instead of paper coupons, they are offering a magnetic card to swipe, AND it also applies to much more than entertainment. Kind of exciting stuff, like organic almond butter smeared on a banana.

    I also have Gojira blaring right now, and think it’s time to draw the dragon on the mountain who eats all of the goats in the village.

  52. Bruno Torres Boeger Avatar

    Name’s Bruno, from Brazil. I try to be a designer, tho i doubt alot of my skills yet. I currently work with POP design at “Opus Multipla” and do some experimental works.

    I actually started following you by a retweet that I received about a music, from Red Fang. From there, music and design! great f**** work!

    Rock and roll dood!

  53. Noah Larsen Avatar

    I am a web coordinator at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. I do a variety of work for web design, photography, illustration, and print. My side work as of late has been centered around Processing. It can be found at: http://www.mentalx.com/mental-x/

    I can be found @earlatron on the Tweeter.

    Many thanks for all your deeds. Hoping I can catch the next Signalnoise Broadcast.

  54. Miroslav Avatar

    I am Miroslav
    I am from Montenegro.
    I am economist.

  55. David Irlanda Avatar

    I’m David Irlanda. I’m 30 and a designer at SIRIUS XM Radio in NYC, but my passion really lies in designing movie posters. It combines my love for film and design. I went to school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Besides yourself, I dig ISO50, Chuck Anderson, Hydro74. Love your blog, man!

  56. Greg Treadwell Avatar
    Greg Treadwell

    Hi James,

    Greetings from the other coast. I’m a production artist here in Vancouver, specializing in Photo retouching and I’ve also started teaching Photoshop at a local community college. Just want to thank you for sharing your work and your inspirations with all of us out here in cyber space.


  57. Jake Kaufman Avatar

    Hi! Jake Kaufman. My artist coworker pointed me at your site today after I mentioned my perverse obsession with Scanimate graphics.

    I’m a composer / sound designer for games, indie films, and classic gaming hardware (chiptunes). I am perpetually frustrated by the notion that there is an infinite array of stylistic color out there, and I only have one lifetime to take in as much as I can. My habit of writing disco pastiche and ironic shred metal definitely isn’t helping.

    So I’ve been staring at your art with my jaw hanging open all day long, wishing for an immediate opportunity to work on something, anything with you. I have no idea what it might be, but something will inevitably come up, and when it does…

  58. Pedro Avatar

    Hi there!
    Great idea of yours.
    I’m Pedro, from Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a freelance book designer with no skills at all in web design so without a site. I really like both your work and your sources of inspiration.
    Oh — and i really really dig your awesome use of colour.

    Nice day to you and to everyone else :)

  59. Rob Loukotka Avatar

    Hey James!

    My name is Rob, I’m a full-time freelance graphic designer in Chicago. You and I have spoken on Twitter a little bit ( @loukotka ). I spend my day designing websites, brand identities, and such… but I’m really interested in motion graphics so I fool around with that in my spare time.

    I’ve been a reader for a long time, I should comment more often, haha. I love your work, it looks like Tron. When you finally made an actual Tron poster, I was like “My favorite movie, with my favorite band, by my favorite online artist.”

    I met Nick Campbell (GreyscaleGorilla) recently at a graphic design party in Chicago called “Bevel Emboss”. I know you’re pals with him, you should try and come out to the next party in Chicago, there were about 150 designers from around the US, we could use some Canadian action.

    Keep up the awesome work. Check out my website at http://www.loukotka.com

    –Rob Loukotka

  60. Chris Avatar

    Hey James,

    My name is Chris Hanks, a designer/creative director from Utah. I’ve been following your blog for several months now and have enjoyed your work and thought processes that you’ve shared.

    I really dig the retro style that is peppered throughout your work. The 70s speak to me as well. Ahhh, my childhood. Miss that orange shag carpet and wood paneling that was in my room. Being a fellow metalhead, I’m loving the type treatments you’ve been doing lately.

    Thanks for sharing your talents man! Looking forward to hearing/seeing more from you.

    My folio can be found at: http://house99inc.com

  61. Jeff Simonson Avatar

    Hey James :)

    My names Jeff, I’m a free-time designer at age 20 in California (that means I design stuff in my free time :)

    I really am still trying to find my niche, but I have a passion for photography, graphics, design, EVERYTHING! I especially love bright neon and somewhat retro design… if its graphics and you can call it SESSY, I dig it.

    Recently Ive been getting into T-Shirt design and such, and my friend just bought his own press :) Its really fun being a contributing designer, and were making Christian themed shirts to sell at local stores and giving one shirt to Africa for each he sells. It would be amazing if that took off !!

    I think the first way most people notice my art appreciation and style would be when I buy something from them with my debit card which has this design across the entire thing ( http://melkoret.com/images2/digitalaria_rockemonster_04Small.png ).

    Daft Punk is and will probably always be my favourite musical group.
    It would be rediculously cool if you Collaborated.

    We can both dream eh? :)


  62. Jason Kokoszka Avatar

    Hi James,

    Ever since a coworker turned me on to your site a little over a year ago, I’ve checked your site on a regular basis for new posts and designs.

    I live south of the border, in the USA. I paint primarily, but I dabble in digital illustrations and other visual art forms too (some of which can be seen here: http://www.cafepress.com/kokoszka).

    In addition, I published a book last year entitled Easy Soloing for Rock Guitar, available here: https://www.guitarworkshop.com/store/product.php?productid=394&cat=0&page=1.

    I also keep a blog (http://koko-gogogogokokoblog.blogspot.com) and a deviantArt gallery (http://jkokoszka.deviantart.com/).

    Keep up the great work!


  63. Kate Avatar

    Hey James,
    I’m Kate currently living in Sydney Australia. I work as a silkscreen artist and illustrator. Your work is incredible and I’m a huge fan and have really enjoyed clicking everyone elses links here too, so much great work out there.

  64. Reeve Avatar

    Hey James,

    I’m not a designer, I am the founder of a company called the Department of Behavior and Logic. My co-founder and I come from the videogame industry and have a particular passion for how “digital experiences” from games to cool gadget UIs are made. I discovered you while searching out UI and motion graphic artists.

    I really love your esthetic and would love to find a way to work together!

    I also am on Twitter (nonsatisreevis) and sent you a message about the Engadget show opening a few weeks ago.

    Oh and I’m in San Francisco, but am 25% Canadian! :)


  65. Shawn Holloway Avatar

    My name is Shawn. I’m in Salt Lake City, UT.

    Into your blog, comics, 1970’s science fiction and horror movies, pop culture and anything with vibrant color. Thanks for your site. It’s a one stop destination for great reference materials. I now check out Draplin Design and Scott Hansen on a daily basis.

    I also love fashion. For some reason I just started checking out W Editor’s blog. Don’t know what took me so long. Enjoy.



  66. VolumeDean Avatar

    I guess I’m lucky that I’m a student right now, gaining experiences, learning new things and enjoying life. I’ve found your work, blog and your broadcasts very inspirational, and glad to see that there are people out there like you that not only do this to develop yourself but to also inspire others.

    Very much like you say that you’ve been inspired by such things when you were a child, such as the nbc intro, I’m very much trying to discover the influences in my life to discover why I like what I like today.

    One thing I remember you saying is that you never need a client to do something, and this is definitely true, when you can do anything you want.

    I hope to get to your next broadcast, haven’t missed one yet.

    All the best.

  67. Chris Reynolds Avatar

    Sup James,

    I work as an Interactive Art Director in Savannah, GA.
    Just stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago. Great work and style.

    Stay fresh,


  68. Char Avatar

    Hello James! I’m Chardonee. I’m 17 years old and I’m only an amateur in graphic designing. I also own a music blog and a personal blog. And, like you, I’m always checking my website stats, haha. I love your work!

  69. Bryce Driesenga Avatar

    Hello there. First of all, I’m a huge fan. I aspire to reach the level you’re at some day.

    I am a student at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI majoring in Graphic Design. I’m 19 and a sophomore currently.

    So, I do some graphic design (local band artwork and a few other small things so far). I also am a photographer, and I have shot some live bands, weddings, etc., you know. ;) No website yet, but, I’ve got a Flickr and deviantART, which both hold the same stuff. I better get on that website business soon!


  70. Ray Roman Avatar

    Hey James,

    My names @RaymondRoman and I’m from San Diego, CA. I am amazed by your work and inspired as well. I’m one class away from having my certificate in Digital Video but have been involved with Video/Editing/Filmmaking since around the year 2000. I’m a huge fan of visual art forms such as film, photography, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, etc.. It all fascinates me and you’re in the handful of inspired artist that I enjoy. Thanks!

    Keep on keeping on!
    -Ray Roman

  71. The AndroidVision Avatar

    Hi, James!
    My name is Alexei, I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’m writing about retro and indie videogames for local gaming magazine Strana Igr. Also I’m drawing pixelart graphics and playing 70’s-80’s-influenced electropop/italo disco music as The AndroidVision:

    First encounter with your work was via Kotaku, where your Atari poster were shown. Then I was delving into the history of early computer animation, channel logos, Robert Abel and stuff, and it seemed like it came from the same lineage and carried the same visual impact. Since then I frequent your blog.

  72. Gemma Avatar

    Hi James :)

    I’m Gemma, from Auckland, New Zealand. I’m just about to finish my last year at school/college, and have just been accepted to study for a Bachelor of Design majoring in Graphic Design which is pretty cool!

    I originally saw your work on my favourite inspiration website Abduzeedo. I’ve actually contacted you before now and you answered some questions for me to put in some A Level Design coursework. In fact, I’m putting those emails to use right now, I’m writing about your work in my coursework, which is what made me come on to your website. And then this post distracted me!

    Keep up the awesome work :)

    – Gemma

  73. Ali Avatar

    Hello James! I’m Ali Ehsanfar. I’m 19 years old and I’m only an amateur in graphic designing.I love your work!

  74. ADN Avatar

    @james My comment didn’t appear. I don’t know why. nevermind…

    So, short story: I love the kind of work you make, very inspiring.
    I live in Belgium where I’m illustrator, comic-book creator, designer, flashdesigner (…), and love playing with visual stuffs. And I’m lucky, I can do all of that for money. :-)
    For more, the links to all my works are on my website http://adrien.noterdaem.be/

  75. Peter Avatar

    Hi James,
    I am 26 years and from Germany. I studied Cartography and Geomatics so we have also a lot to do will Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop and so on. I like Design and play around with this type of Software.
    For the company I work for I have the Marketing and Website things under my hands.
    On my blog I post things about Design, Geo, Earth-Browser, Mac and other things I am interested in.

    Greetings from Germany


  76. John Avatar

    Hey James,

    I’m your standard 20 y/o computer engineering student living in the USA. Design and digital art for me is more of a hobby, and I find your work with color, pattern and texture incredibly inspiring and retro-innovative.

    I hope we can see some more spectral work from you (like la femme) in the future.


  77. Fill Avatar

    Hi James.
    My name is Fill , I’m 25 and I live in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. And here is a big problem with creative minds in my country. Most of people don’t understand bright cool design, they stucked in Soviet Union years you now, people retarded here.
    I work as a web designer in a small agency. I’m your big fan, your got a massive strong as monolith style, man. First time I saw your works 2 years ago, so from that time I still watching you. you rock.
    I started to design 2 years ago. Exactly when I saw your works, and Chuck Anderson stuff, Marconi, Batista and others. I was 23 , and I get into photoshop for a first time. I think its to late for modern designers. You now, all that guys from today, they are 19-20 years old and they do a stunning things, crazy skills.
    I got no education, and i still learning by myself.
    Check out my works at my site http://www.hypnosky.com
    Also I play guitar and sing in my garage-rock band Synfonics. Check out our songs here http://www.myspace.com/synfonics

  78. ralph Avatar

    Hi James,
    I’m from Brussels and love your work too!
    Keep it up.

  79. eric nord Avatar


  80. jeff Avatar

    great idea james greetings from mignudland =]

  81. olivier Avatar

    Hi James and the various signals around the world :)

    I’m a lurker and very occasional poster that enjoys summer days, short walks on the beach with my dog, strobe lit dinners, fine ales and…ah hang on… wrong forum ;)

    I work as a freelance designer/illustrator/photographer/tea+coffee maker,drinker/what ever I can get my handsoner from my home based studio in New Zealand with a window that looks out on my green garden and a view of the large volcano Mt. Taranaki. I really enjoy workin on anything and everything and design really lets me do that on a daily basis, ahh love it! Originally from the UK but moved out here for the surfing and windsurfing (which I used to teach for a job) but then finally realised how much I loved designing and making stuff, so went back to big boy school, studied design, set up my own studio and never looked back. Currently working on some websites, some board graphics and a proposal for a music/arts festival!

    I’ve got me one of them web tings here http://www.spore.co.nz and also one of those web bloggy things where I post stuff that noone else looks at here http://www.spore.co.nz/blog (feel free to drop by and say hello if this site ever goes down due to overloading by all the people checking out James’ awesome work!)

  82. Dylan Avatar

    Hi James!

    I’m Dylan from the North Shore of Massachusetts, USA.
    I’m a 17-year-old high school student, currently in the process of deciding what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Looking to study Computer Engineering in college, but I’m definitely interested in art and design too and want to continue it on the side. I’ve been dabbling in photography, as well as web- and graphic design for a few years, and recently bought a nice Canon dSLR to make pictures with.

    I’ve been reading your blog (via RSS & Bloglines, so I probably won’t show up in your stats!) for a few months as recommended by a friend, and it’s consistently awesome.
    I love all your work and all the great “inspiration” pieces you post! Please keep it up!

  83. Melissa Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to leave you a comment, but I never have the time, or the word to describe what I’m feeling about your work that aren’t the always used ‘your awesome’, ‘great work’, etc.

    I’m a musician and a selfthough photographer and designer from Chile, I always come here to see your work, and read some of your thoughts. I work as a freelancer mainly with musicians, and my main school is the internet, so I apreciate the designers who take the time to make good tutorials, I’d learned so much in here. my website is http://www.melissamorano.com, still kind of underconstruction, but I’m always uploading work here http://www.flickr.com/dirindi
    Thanks for charing your knowledge and your work with us, very very inspirational!

    greets from Chile


  84. Quaymberley Avatar

    My name is Quaymberley (pronounced as Kimberley’). I live in South Africa and am a graphic designer, but really I am a painter that wants to sell my paintings. Have a look at them on my website. I love signal noise and I find these rainbow colors inspiring, so I always like to pop in here when I’m looking for some interesting ideas.

  85. Alvin Avatar

    Hi James,
    My name’s Alvin. I am a graphic/web designer working in London. I have been one of your loyal following for a while now after spotting you advanced photoshop. After finishing uni and working for a small bespoke staircase company I decided to take a new direction in my life moving away from using 3d programs like rhino and alias. Now I am a web/graphic designer with photoshop and illustrator as my weapons of choice and this was one of the best decisions I made.

    I always find your website a great source of inspiration, tips as well as good design practises. Keep up the great work.

  86. Neil Grant Avatar

    Hi James

    Thanks for the invite :) I’m a media officer for a university, but I’m working on a sideline at the minute (http://www.movingpix.tv).

    I used to visit here a lot but I read your site through Google’s RSS reader now, and I have to admit I get a little flutter of excitement when I see a new post.

    Your work’s really inspiring, I love that you know what you like, other people like it, and you can make a living from it – you’re living the dream as far as I’m concerned and I’m very happy for you – keep on trucking!


  87. Michael Clayton Avatar

    Hey James great post idea!

    My name’s Michael Clayton, I’m an independent graphic designer living in Scotland in the UK. Nice to meet you :)

    I love logo design and minimalism. Music-wise anything from metal(core) to american indie rock.

    Portfolio: End of Generic
    Twitter: Tweet

  88. james Avatar

    Look at all you guys! never thought this post would be this received, really excited to see so many like-minded creatives dropping by to say hello. So many names, places and links to check out. Next time I do this I’ll be sure to set up the open bar to extend the mingling :)

  89. Mischa McLachlan Avatar

    Hello, i check out your site every few days, and love it. You have a great style.

    I’m an icon/ui designer, mostly for mac and iphone applications. But over the years have also released a couple of movie themed icons sets. I’m currently now working at Apple in Cupertino as a product designer.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  90. Colin Grigson Avatar

    Hey Matt,

    My name is Colin and I’m a ux designer at Amazon in Seattle. Can’t remember how I found your site, but I love your poster designs and the style of the content you post here. Keep it up yo.


  91. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Wow, what a cool thread! It’s gonna take a while to read through everyone’s comments. Someone mentioned earlier on about seeing something like this years ago, and it also reminds me of back when I first started using the internet back in the mid 1990s. There was such a sense of community and discovery back then which seems to have been lost lately. James, thanks for helping us get back into that mindset! It’s really healthy for us creative types to communicate like this.

    I’m Joseph Cotten, living and working in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. I’m 30 years old, married for 7 years, owner of a lonely heart—any Yes fans out there?—just kidding. Owner of a golden retreiver/australian shepherd dog named Pippen (after the Hobbit).

    I operate a two person design firm (me and my wife) called Trend Setting Design. I graduated from design school in 2002 and started building the business while cleaning carpets full time until the end of 2007, when I quit my carpet cleaning job and went full time design. It’s been quite a tumultuous ride since then, with lots of big highs and devistating lows, but we haven’t starved yet!

    My primary love in the design field is corporate identity/branding. I love helping organizations figure out how to communicate who they are using the visual language. I also enjoy helping people think differently about themselves, and think “outside the box”. It’s why I named my company Trend Setting Design. I like to help people set trends, start new things and think differently about everything. Next to branding, web design/development is my second biggest field. I create Joomla! and WordPress sites primarily, and love the frameworks coming out of Woothemes and RocketTheme for those two CMS’.

    You can see my sparsely-populated blog and a slightly outdated portfolio at http://www.trendsettingdesign.com/

    It’s been great to meet you all, and I wish you all lots of success, and clients that never ask you to make the logo bigger!


  92. Simon Matthews Avatar

    Hi James,

    I’ve been a fan for awhile now and am always checking up on what new stuff your doing. I am art director for an online tv show called EyeSeeSound (http://www.eyeseesound.tv) its a website for unsigned and independent music,art and film. I love your work…and your webinars/question time things are cool…great stuff buddy!!!


  93. Chris Avatar

    Hey James,

    I’m a recent grad of NSCAD and am working full time as a graphic/web designer in Halifax. I’ve been a fan for a while and first came across your stuff while I was studying in the US. I’m pretty impressed that you are able to live in such a cool city and get all kinds of recognition around the design community and cool gigs.
    My personal site/portfolio is http://www.alltimelowe.com. Your posts are great and thanks for sharing.


  94. Diego Avatar

    Wow, this was a great initiative. I think I had never left a comment before, but this idea really tempted me to do so.

    I’m from Colombia, I’m 18 and I’m still starting in this world of graphic design, I’m studying graphic design in a university here in Bogotá, but I’ll change to another that is still in bogotá, but is originally from Canada (Lasalle College).

    I started to follow your blog, after I saw some of your works (I think that the first one I saw was the one of 2 smashing years in the smashing magazine blog), I really like the new retro style, and I’ve been captivated by the inspiration you use, that is not very common, and I think that that is what makes so original your work.

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to let us introduce ourselfs.

    Greetings from Colombia, and I’m trying to safe some money so that I can buy some of your prints lol, I like specially 4: Liquid Gold 77, Solid Gold bomb, LA FEMME (I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE) and Dagger Woods.


  95. Jess Avatar

    Hi there! I’m super new to your site, having just found it a couple of months ago. I’m a 25 year old freelance graphic designer heading into my last semester of design school at my local University in Rural South Eastern Ohio, doing my best to keep up with the outside world from this little place!

    I’m into the Fine Arts in general, including music & theatre as well as visual art. Right now I’m just doing my best to finish school while still juggling a few freelance clients, and my lovely 5 year old daughter, and trying to make my corner of the world a more beautiful place to live. I have a blog & site, but it’s been put on the backburner, just simmering until Graduation.

    I dig your work, so I bookmarked the RSS feed :)

    Have a lovely day,

  96. Sonia Avatar

    Hi James,

    I’m a graphic designer living in Essex and working in London for a tiny publishing company. I get to work on a mix of stuff, but its a niche transport publishers so the subject is somewhat limited. Bizarrely enough, my latest project was a cinema conference though! Had to mock up a quick brochure and website in a day – check it out at http://www.cinemaindustry.co.uk

    I really enjoy seeing what inspires other designers, so thanks for showing us what you like. I really like the old travel posters you posted recently, reminds me of the old London Underground posters I love – http://www.ltmuseumshop.co.uk/LTM/Posters/Art_and_design.html I find inspiration in those and things like retro book covers, like Penguins and old Arthur C Clarke ones too. I really raid my local secondhand bookstore!

    Also planning to create some of my own artwork based on my culture – i was born in britain but my parents are from Mauritius, so just going to explore the diversity of the 2 elements in a visual way. I also try watch as much anime as possible too, I have japanese tendencies!

    Keep up the good work James, its all fantastic stuff.


  97. Jules Avatar

    A certain degree of OCD irony leads me to post here. I’m not a designer at all but check my stats quite a lot and see where people came from to us and why, and thus found myself at this post.

    Simon, my partner in our project is a designer though and i know he rates your work and respects what you do and i think he posted on here once when you were discussing the music business with a link about what we do so that’s possible where people are coming from.

    I have had a read of the odd post and blog and looked at your shop (really liked your t-shirt designs, have to say) but beyond that i’m afraid i guess i’m not really a reader of the blog, but i couldn’t help but say hello in this one.

    All the best and when my work load subsides (possibly around the time of my death perhaps) i’ll try and have a longer look at your work. if Si respects you then you’re doing something right.

  98. james Avatar

    Once again, a big thanks to everyone for leaving such great comments. So great to see everyone’s work in full action.

    Also, I’m happy to read so many of you enjoy the inspirational stuff I post. I spend a lot of time looking around the web for art and artists I enjoy (from all genres), and subsequently sharing that work with others. Great to hear you appreciate it :)

  99. tsuperb Avatar

    What an awesome way to get to know fellow designers! and from one of the titans of design like you James, Kudos to you.

    Well now for my part of the post, i am 21 years old, am a graphic designer from Venezuela, and i love working with photos, light, typography, motion graphics, logos, identities, and so on…i have to say that your work is one of the most inspiring i have ever came across to, and yes i have a folder (“inspiration”) with every single one of your pieces…I have to admit that i am new to your blog because i am starting to be involved in blogs and stuff, but this one is great!!!…

    So, feel free to check out my work at http://www.behance.net/Logan and my videos at http://www.vimeo.com/tsuperb…and if you are feeling like leaving some comments please do it!

    Thanks! and keep up this amazing blog, and your very inspiring work, of course…

  100. Leo Avatar

    Hi James,

    Humble Greetings to you !

    Firstly let me thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration and secondly giving an opportunity / platform to introduce to the designing community. Thanks a lot.

    I am currently living in London UK and pursuing graphic designing career. I have launched my portfolio site http://www.ingenious-i.co.uk, a couple of months ago to get some work and display my works in general. you have been a great inspiration and one of the reason to be in this field.

    Thanks a lot.


  101. moazzam Avatar

    i like your work very much. i’ve set my google theme created by you. i’d like to see if you create something related to high mountains peaks like everest & Godwin Austun. if you ever create such… then please inform me on my given eMail. thanks James.(p.s: my most fav male name is James!)

  102. Seth Aryono Avatar
    Seth Aryono

    Holla James,

    I’m currently freelance web designer, working & living in Bandung, Indonesia. Mostly i build flash-based site. Haven’t build my own site. I visit your flickr account daily.

    Oh, i like this post & your color spectrum :)

  103. Flora Avatar


    I just found your site and I come back because I like your colours!


  104. Hajime Chan Avatar

    I’m come from Hong Kong, studying design in HKDI ( A design college in HK), I want to be a great graphic designer and cross to another subjects :D

    this is my blog, but it is CHINESE, so…lol

    This is my flickr, have some graphic works and the photo I took.

  105. Johnny Waterman Avatar

    I’ve been visiting your site for a while now, I love how it’s a mix of your work and the work of others. You introduced me to BoingBoingGadgets, love that site! :-) Your site offers such a nice selection of simple inspiration that I visit almost daily.

    I work for Sony in San Diego, making websites for video games YAY! But will soon be up in Seattle, WA.

    Check out some of my work.

  106. Brandon Schaefer Avatar

    When I stumbled upon your site a little over a year ago, I thought that it was nice to see someone else who had a jonesing for retro TV graphics as much as I did. Now I think it’s even nicer to see someone so interested in their visitors.

    Cheers, James.

  107. Josh Webster Avatar
    Josh Webster

    Hey James,

    I’m a design student from Minneapolis, MN. Found your site on accident one day and haven’t stopped checking since. I focus a lot on modernism and type. I love the clean rigid haha.

    Keep it up!

  108. Arijit Dasgupta Avatar

    Hey James,

    I am an engineering student from West Bengal, India. I am kinda Geeky, as my friends say, but I don’t think I am enough to meet the Geek criterion. I like this design stuff. I came across your website from Smashing Magazine. I really liked your blog, and will be subscribing to your feed…


  109. Reinhard Avatar

    Hi James,

    I am developing software for embedded systems. It must be a year ago since I found your blog and I really love it. I am actually not the kind of person who often visits art exhibitions and I am not talented at all in painting or graphical design. Nevertheless I really enjoy your blog, especially the inspirations corner. It lifts my spirit especially during the stressful times.

    Keep on the good work!

  110. Guille Carbonell Avatar

    Hi James, amazing work.
    I’m not a designer but a film director.
    I love to check your blog frequently, not only to discover your new work and tutorials, but to enjoy your amazing “inspiration” posts.
    Keep the great work!

  111. Kris Avatar

    Hello there,
    Great initiative!
    Checking out lots of blogs around the web, like your posts a lot, you are straight forward(probably bad english, you have to excuse my grammar, i’m just a simple guy from Amsterdam) in your style. great!!

    You must be bussy, making great stuff, checking the web, posting and keeping up your social life…big up man!!

    thanks for your effort, really an inspiration for all of us

    regards Kris

  112. Stratos agianoglou Avatar

    Hey there :)

    Stratos agianoglou here from Greece. I am a graphic / web designer and I also love photography.

    Work: http://www.lightform.gr
    Photography: http://www.lightpulse.gr

    I am a huge fan of you and I have been followibg your blog for quite some time now.

    Keep it up and stay cool
    Kind Regards
    Stratos A/ :)

  113. Jacquie T. Avatar

    Hey there!
    I came across your work in a post by Smashing Magazine called “Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations from Artists Around the World”. Pretty great stuff you produce, my friend.
    Visual merchandising is my regular job and have started designing websites in my spare time. I love finding new art/artists and am very glad I came across your name! Also cool that you are a fellow Canadian as I’m from Victoria, BC.
    -Jacquie Troy

  114. Michael Hoskins Avatar

    Hi James,

    Long time reader, first time commentor.

    I am a designer/programmer living in Houston, TX. Like you, I’m a metalhead who gets to make a living with pretty colors.

    My day job is the lead Flash developer at a company that sources IT and design work to clients. Our primary area of business is e-learning, so there’s quite a lot of timeline-based courseware involved, and drudgery business-ey sites.

    I also freelance on as wide a variety of projects as possible, from building site backends to video motion graphics. Unfortunately, much of the work is either not visual, or is so wrapped in NDAs that I can’t get a decent screenshot out of it.

    I follow your website for the pure inspiration. I subscribed to another site I think you actually recommended at one point (Fubiz), but they seem more about self-aggrandizement (all their links point to their own site) than about inspiring and connecting artists. The inspiration you find in others’ work keeps pushing me to find inspiration in things I might not have considered before.

    Thanks being who you are, man.

  115. patrick james Avatar

    Just wanted to say that i really enjoy your design style. You and a few others really inspire me to do better and to push myself. And i always say to myself that i am one design away from greatness. lol. Take care James. :-D

  116. Lucas Santana Avatar

    Hello, my name is Lucas and I live in Brazil. I am technically in Graphic Design, but my works are still poor … I need to exercise more creativity and your blog came down from heaven to help me. I like games, comics, heavy metal, anime, manga, DESIGN. His blog is to be congratulated, I hope one day to have a quality and ingenuity that you have toward their work. Congratulations! I have a blog too, but very modest.

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