Welcome back Toronto Blue Jays!

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  1. One thing the new logo misses out on though is the awesome lining up of the maple leaf, both to the baseball and the lighter blue.

  2. This was a tremendous job by the Blue Jays organization, personally I love the type treatment. I also really love the illustration of the blue jay, not sure why someone could complain about those things. This is in great contrast to what the Miami Marlins did with their new *ahem* look. Hopefully Toronto can stick with this logo and not feel the urge to rebrand again in 5 years.

  3. I so love the classic Logo and i am so happy the re-design has that classic feel to it. I´m not long into Baseball since i am from germany but i fell in love with sportslogos ans the blue jays especially! Slickest Team in the MLB next season!

  4. This is excellent news, like seeing an old friend you have missed so much for so many years. Even just to know they are doing okay.

  5. The logo looks great… but I agree with PJ. The stem of maple leaf looks better when it lines up with the ball. However, not a big deal because this logo still looks a million times better than the logo in recent years!

  6. Wow! I love the re-brand! It’s fantastic, I had lost all hope as well, I disliked their logos since ’97. I like the typography, the bluejay design and the colors, very nice, glad they switched it back.

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