WarGames poster for Skuzzles

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  1. Kudos, James! Your foray into the dark forest of movie poster creation wasn’t a failed one, just slower going than you anticipated, eh?

    Both versions look great. You certainly did the film justice.

  2. Technically, C++ was still known as “C with Classes” right up until the year the movie came out. My propeller beanie is whirling with rage right now.

    Seriously though, this is my favorite one yet. The details come together perfectly and I can’t get enough of the color palette, although the “Green CRT” version is bad ass in its own right. I actually don’t quite know which one I prefer.

    I think the best compliment I can give is admitting that this comment took over 10 minutes to write because I kept scrolling back up to stare at the work. Spectacular work.

  3. This is super nice work, and if you don’t mind me saying so, a step up in quality from your usual work. Great job.

  4. Wow, man. What a spectacular piece of work! I love the symmetrical yet interestingly asymmetrical composition, and of course the landscape orientation is epic.

    It’s high time somebody gave War Games the props it deserves! Gonna go see if it’s on Netflix…

  5. Hey James,
    I was just wondering, being that the sketches were in portrait format, what changed your decision to go landscape with this poster?? or was that the intention right from the conception of it??

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