Vintage-style Cars 2 posters

The Cars franchise is the only work by Pixar I never got into, probably because it was created for kids who are into racing culture. Not really my thing. But I have to give some props to these vintage-style posters created to promote the upcoming Cars 2 film. I especially like the James Bond looking one, second from the top. Good stuff.

Via The Pixar Times






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  1. Lee Christopher Avatar
    Lee Christopher

    Personally, I think you’re robbing yourself of a good movie. I’m not a kid (at least not by age), and I’m not into racing culture. It’s a good story, and if nothing else, beautiful to watch.

    (And, those posters are superb!!!)

  2. Danny Avatar

    Im a car guy so I love the movie. Every little technical aspect has been spot on which is what makes it a pixar movie.

  3. james Avatar

    Thanks for the comments, guys. I’m sure the film is spot on as Pixar doesn’t make bad movies, ever. Cars is the only one that slipped through the cracks with me and I missed seeing it. All the reviews I’ve heard are positive, so I’ll need to sit down and watch it someday.

    I guess coming off toys, monsters, bugs, superheroes, fish, rats and robots . . . cars was a hard sell for me. :)

  4. Jorden Tually Avatar

    I just love the colour pixar brings to all there movies! And these posters rock!

  5. John Avatar

    Sweet! Eric Tan did work on these. I think you’ve featured his Wall-E stuff before..

  6. PJ Tierney Avatar

    Oh wow, these are awesome. I hope they go on sale!

  7. james Avatar

    John, are these Eric Tan’s? I had no idea, I love that guy’s stuff.

  8. John Avatar

    Me too! it’s a big part of looking forward to pixar movies for me, lol.

    He’s posted about em on his website. Not sure if he’s collaborated on em or done them himself.

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