Vintage record jackets

Here are a few hand-picked vintage record jackets. These were all plucked from Project Thirty-Three, which was a task in itself since their supply of amazing images goes on and on. Huge source of great stuff.

Amazing what was created in order to give these records their visual identity. Some are symbolic of sound/instruments, some are straight up illustration, and others are design experiments of Swiss flavor. Most of which have a limited color palette with amazing results.

Check out the wealth of images at Project Thirty-Three. You won’t be sorry.






3 responses to “Vintage record jackets”

  1. Jorden Tually Avatar

    I love how simple shapes can create such beautiful designs!

  2. Dario Calonaci Avatar

    “Stefan Wolpe” and Mozart ones look outstanding…

  3. vinylvixen Avatar

    I really like the simplicity and how colorful they are.

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