Vintage Porsche advertisements

Vintage Porche ads

Vintage Porche ads

Vintage Porche ads

Vintage Porche ads

Vintage Porche ads

Vintage Porche ads

I’ve seen these vintage Porsche advertisements floating around Ffffound and various design blogs for the past little while, but after coming across this post on A Time to Get I felt compelled to share them as well.

I’m seeing a trend in design recently utilizing vintage photography, either greyscale or muted tones with big bold typography and flat color blocks, perhaps inspired by ads such as these. I particularly enjoy the off-kilter diagonals used for the bold color treatments and typography baselines. Beautiful stuff.






5 responses to “Vintage Porsche advertisements”

  1. James Compton Boyce Avatar

    Oh me likey, especially the last one.

  2. Halcyon Avatar

    Awesome !

    The first one come form my country, Belgium.

  3. Kevin Gilmour Avatar

    I’m noticing a trend towards text at 45 degree angle, like the 2nd image James. That reminds me so much of the composition of a recent movie poster, but I can’t put my finger on which one.

    Also, I see more than passing similarity between the diagonal pattern using the German flag colours (Black, Red, Yellow) in the 3rd image and the pattern on the German Football (Soccer) teams shirt from 1990. I used to own that shirt, I think it’s possibly the best designed kit of all time! Iconic, and so very German in it’s styling – much like Porsche too.

    Here is an image of the kit in question.–90-Home-Slant-USE-New.jpg

    Nice find here, James.

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