Vintage Olympic design from Canada

The Olympics

The Olympics

The Olympics

The Olympics

The Olympics

We are in the midst of Olympic mayhem here in Canada, considering Vancouver is the host and our country invented winter. Since the games officially kicked off, the crack team over at The Canadian Design Resource have been posting a lot of wonderful Olympic material from the past. Lovely stuff, so I plucked a few of my favorites to show here.

And if you missed their tweets, the CDR have been guest blogging over at Sports Illustrated to bring some homegrown flavor to their coverage of the event. Be sure to check out Part I: Canada’s Emblems, Part II: Canada’s Posters, and Part III: Torches and Cauldrons.






4 responses to “Vintage Olympic design from Canada”

  1. Luke Desroches Avatar

    I hadn’t seen that first one for the Calgary games before. Love the simplicity of it. Good stuff.

  2. Alex Avatar

    The first one the best one!

  3. Cameron Avatar

    These are awesome, thanks for sharing!

  4. Jeremy Avatar

    I like the gay beaver :)

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