Vintage matchbook covers

Here are some vintage matchbook covers grabbed from this mighty Flickr set. I love everything about these. Solid design made through obvious limitations in printing quality. These guys did what they had to in order to make their brands stand out in the world of matches. I especially love the texture on these blown-up scans and slight blurriness and overlap of the ink. The real deal.

At least, I think these are all matchbook covers. Not sure why that rooster is talking about soup. That’s all kinds of confusing.

Beware of this Flickr set, man. Serious time waster.






4 responses to “Vintage matchbook covers”

  1. Reilly Newman (Zangaroo) Avatar

    Very cool!
    I love the textures and colors!

    -Reilly Newman

  2. Stevo (Simplicitas) Avatar
    Stevo (Simplicitas)

    I really love the simplicity on allot of the lines and shapes. The bleeding of the inks is a cool detail to see in these scans. I also like the look of the misaligned colors when the registration is shifted off a bit. Adding little details like shifting the registration of a color in a vintage poster design would really help emphasize that authentic vintage feel. Super rad find James, I’ll definitely be “wasting” some time looking through the rest of these.

  3. Jorden Tually Avatar

    The texture is so overpowering! Its great!

  4. Eytan Avatar

    The rooster is promoting the brands “Boston” chicken soup. It looks to me like the matchbook maker was selling ad space on the matchbook cover.

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