Viacom acquires Signalnoise

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  1. April fools :)
    Last year’s April fools was AWESOME, so many people fell for it :))

  2. Haha. You had me until I started reading the other comments. Does look good though!

  3. hahahaha, so funny I was hurting while reading, knowing deep down inside I would hate to see signal noise go to the “MAN” *the management (big corporations who just wants to make big bucks). But was also happy for James kind of like in sell out way. Hehehe! Anyway this was really good! It got me big time to be honest. Cheers! Happy April fools everyone!

  4. i was wondering why MTV would be interested in a design blog to host music on. Almost got me.

  5. This made me seriously go WTF!? I saw Justin Beiber and my blood boiled. Worst thing is, I was scanning your blog after not looking at it for a while and didn’t realize this post was April 1st til I clicked the preview image. Nice one!

  6. Ugg… Corrected for grammar and revised to make sense…

    Well played sir. You got me good…

    Your joke seemed to be a subtle statement of something like “you would never sell out.” When I realized it was a joke, the question of the quality of my reaction to your joke was presented to me. In turn, I asked what did I like about about my reaction; what did I dis-like about my reaction?

    The answer was, how can I be more true to what I want my reaction to be vs what my immediate reaction is.

    By showing me that you are true to yourself, in a subtle and humorous way, in turn, I want to be truer to myself.

    With gratitude

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