VH1 Latin America motion boards

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  1. it’s nice but…honestly,you are traped in your design…you will really impress me the day when you are going to do something else than rainbows and lens flare…

  2. Just stunning!!! Incredible work James. I’m excited to see the animation too he he.

  3. I never knew when to look for Papa Hogan A La Lucha, thanks for the scheduling heads-up.

  4. These are great! You can really feel the movement in the boards. Let us know when we can view them animated!

  5. Hey Jim, it’s Andrew. Just decided to check in on ya and see how you’re doing. The site has really changed a lot since I last seen it, but your designs always look great, even when it’s in the format of a blog. :P

    I’m not sure if my mother relayed the info back long ago but I read and enjoyed your book that your mom sent to us as a Christmas present. It was creative and inspiring, and even makes me want to pick up a pencil once in a while (although I never do ha ha).

    Oh and these motion boards look fantastic! I have to ask, what did you use to make them, just Photoshop or something more? Anyway, rock on and keep up the amazing work.

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