Veerle interview with James White

Veerle interview with James White

Veerle Pieters who runs the design-blog powerhouse Veerle’s Blog posted an interview where she talks with me about my art, processes, and inspirations. You can check out the interview right here.

Veerle’s Blog is wonderful stop for any designer looking for full-tilt inspiration, tutorials and other design related information. Well worth checking out.






3 responses to “Veerle interview with James White”

  1. Shad Avatar

    Great site and great work, been following it for a while. Just posted because I watched this video by Justice that reminding me a lot of your style.

    Thought you would appreciate.


  2. james Avatar

    Thanks Shad! Yes, I came across DVNO a few months back, it’s a stellar piece of work. Great album too. Check out their video for Stress if you’ve never seen, totally Warriors style.

  3. Grant Friedman Avatar

    You haven’t made it until Veerle does a profile of you. Congratulations James!

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