Varo Special Presentation

Varo Special PresentationInspiration for this piece, Varo Special Presentation, was pulled directly from the CBS Special Presentation promo that was used in the 70s and early 80s. I remember this bumper being used before all of my favorite holiday cartoons and that rare occasion when I’d find Star Wars being aired on cable tv. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation when I saw this loud promo appear.

It was fun to add some perspective to the abstract shapes, as my past pieces have all been relatively flat. Adding different angles to the pieces allows them to play off of one another in a different way, bringing about a different atmosphere. Another small note, I had been using the Avant Garde typeface for a little while now and completely by chance, it is the same one CBS used in their bumper back in the day. Go figure.






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  1. Caspian Avatar

    Followed a link from cpluv to your flickr and now here. Gotta say how much I admire you work. Damn fine style you have! Thanks for sharing.

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