Typography by Anthony Forster

Mark Forster

Anthony Forster

Anthony Forster

Anthony Forster

Anthony Forster

Anthony Forster

There’s no better way to start off the week then checking out some smooth illustrated typography. Here are a few examples from UK-based artist Anthony Forster, who is now in his 60s and a painter specializing in dogs, horses, etc.

I had come across these images before, but thanks to So Much Pileup for posting about the man behind the work. And by the way, So Much Pileup is one of the best inspiration blogs I’ve found in a while. Be sure to swing by.






4 responses to “Typography by Anthony Forster”

  1. Vidvillain Avatar

    The typo stuff up there is excellent! Although when I clicked on the link, i was suprised to find a site devouted to countryside art. All very nice but not the usual cutting edge… am I missing something??


  2. Vidvillain Avatar

    Oh, just read the rest of your post! Rock ‘n roll!

  3. barton damer Avatar

    Those are so good! Thanks for posting.

  4. Firebomb 1 Avatar
    Firebomb 1

    An important point to mention. The Anthony Forster mentioned above is not the Tony Forster who’s work is pictured. Tony – an eminent typographic designer and educator sadly passed away in 2008. He’s remembered not only for his world class design, but as great educator and an inspiration to the many students he came in to contact with.
    More info here:

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