Typewriter ribbon tins

Some beautiful typewriter ribbon tins plucked from this Flickr set. Wonderful vintage design at work here with some killer type. Too bad these days are gone, and we’ll never see design like this in Staples or any other office supply place. Damn shame.

Thanks to Hydro74 for posting the link on his Twitter. Great find.






4 responses to “Typewriter ribbon tins”

  1. Dano Hart Avatar

    Woah! I love these! Definitely going to pull inspiration from a few of these in the near future.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. miguel Avatar

    very awesome post. Thanks dude.

  3. mal Avatar

    These tins literally shocked me – like a lost treasure trove for design goodies…I always wonder if they knew the work was cool, or if they just busted it out and moved on to the next thing on the list. Great stuff.

  4. Steve Fraschini Avatar

    Nice collection, love the “Personality” one, it is a rather avant-garde style for the time.

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