TutsPlus 2010 Commemorative poster

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  1. I think this design is absolutely stunning. I want my next album cover to look like this. Any chance of a tutorial on how you did it? It’s just fab! I have it as my desktop :) Thank u for the gift!

  2. Awesome work dude, i’m glad you decided to scrap the original concept, even though they are powerfully striking and wonderful to look at in there own right. But the final output is just breath taking! I’ve got it on my iphone and i can’t stop looking at it!


  3. Did you know Omni was an off-shoot of Penthouse? Both owned by the same dude, Bob Guccione. It’s true! I think he’s a pauper now.

  4. Great job!

    The top left of the early concepts look amazing too, any chance of a wallpaper of that?

  5. James did the model you used have the glasses on in the original shot or did you take glasses and add them in to the manipulation?

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  7. Hi,
    I would like to know the technique used to put the skin so dark like your design ?

    I’m very interessting by your technic.


  8. Amazing result. I have to confess, though, that the early type-based version on the bottom right has me thinking “Sinclair Spectrum”…

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