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  1. James, I don’t get the honeycomb overlay effect? Also the colours don’t match the new film- was this intentional?

  2. Fantastic :D was going to ask you yesterday, if there was a desktop version of this and today there is :D though I might be cheeky and tweek the colours for the one I use on my desktop ;)

  3. PeterC, the exact color palette used in the new trailer, although looks wonderful onscreen, was too washed-out to make an interesting poster concept. I had to amp things up a bit and tweak the hues so the palette worked better in this format.

  4. hey James cheers for the quick reply man! Rather extreme tweak seems to be more of a blue and green than a yellow and turquoise – just really like the films colours. You seem to have the ident disc in the right yellow! I wondered if you were trying to create somekind of contrast effect as not sure the yellow stream overlapping with the yellow disc would of worked?

    heres a pic I found from the trailer:

    Also just being nerdy the streams don’t split like that in the trailer it’s just one continuous stream from each cycle – albeit what you have done works well in the design adding more focus through the disc.

  5. Nice James, thanks for the freebie. My computer setup looks exactly like your computer pic now – exempt I don’t have the cool Signalnoise icon below the screen. Do you sell stickers, all I have is this dinky half-eaten apple on mine. :)

  6. I feel like a spoiled kid saying that, but since I love it so much, I thought I’d ask anyways :
    Could you add a 2560×1600 version ? My 30inch is that big, and It breaks my heart to see such a nice work being slightly blurry :)

  7. I would like, if you have time, that you make another Tron poster or Wallpaper.
    with the logo in French [ TRON L’héritage ] especially for
    Can it’s possible ?

    Thank you very much.

    best regards,
    Clu Program
    from http://tronlegacy.fr/

  8. First of all WAY COOL !!!!!!
    Second can u be so kind as to make a IPAD version of this please

  9. Thanks for all the uplifting, inspiring, marvelous work of yours and sharing of any kind. and yes i love the TRON wallpaper. waiting for the movie release like a ticking bomb. lol

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