‘Tron Legacy’ poster revisited

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  1. I reckon some studio bigwig made them change it to ‘teal and orange’ so it’s like every other hollywood movie these days :(

  2. Thats fantastic. I think I like the update better with the floor, colour scheme and brushed metal.

    Seriously though you ought to get approached to do some work for the movie.

  3. As U2/Bono used to sing: “Even better than the real thing”! Congratulations again James. If I work at Disney…

  4. I am literally nursing a semi here at the prospect of seeing the new Tron film!
    New version is definitely cool – the waves are a nice addition in the ‘light cycle’ streaks.

  5. I really love the new colors and the surface of the disc. The more subtle changes are awesome too.

  6. I like some of the others prefer the neon green but I am bias as that is in my top 3 of favorite colors.

  7. the first version was really great… buuuut… the second one is rockin’ more a lil bit

    i really love the colors n details…
    sooo fresh ;D

  8. Please please please do a 1920 dual screen wallpaper of this. My desktop needs more badassery.

  9. I love the revisit, the complementary colours work great.

    It would be great if you could do a tutorial or step by step of how you did the revisit. It’d be appreciated a lot.

    Great work like always James!

  10. The past one is very raw, when I saw it I can’t believe it is your design!
    However the new one is fantastic, very detail :D

  11. When I first heard early last year about Tron Legacy coming out I myself was thrilled. I began searching for wallpapers as I too had watched the trailer. When I found your wallpaper I had to have it and it has been riding on my iPhone ever since then. Thanks for the awesome wallpaper. It’s nice to be able to thank the “Creator” hehe.

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