Tron Legacy poster by James White

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  1. Love your work, and you’re definitely the right person for the official poster(s) – I’m tempted to set up my own online petition to gather support… ;-)

  2. Unreal. The circle in the middle is really well made. Did you do that in 2d or 3d?

  3. Mad thanks for all the support, gang. Very much appreciated.

    Romain, thanks so much for the heads-up on the poster company. Can’t believe the amount of work those guys churn out.

    Robin, I really appreciate the thought. Thanks so much :)

    Baldur and Scott, I created the disc in Illustrator using the trailer as a reference. I tried to get the concept as close to the film as possible. The floor pattern was also created in Illustrator. Outside of that, it was all Photoshop for effects and textures.

  4. You’re a perfect match for the look of the new Tron. Retro yet undoubtedly modern. This is great, bold and simple.

  5. damn, that’s annoying! I was trying to create a tron inspired wallpaper today… and it sucks compared to this =P

    really good, you got the trails just right. I don’t like the way they just meet and stop like that though, some cool blurry lighty thingy would look better maybe?

  6. Fantastic job, I’m sure you’ll be making plenty more Tron art by the time the movie comes around.

  7. I’ve been following your blog for a while, amazing work. I love this poster design.
    So when are you going to be doing the real posters? I’d love to see your style up there, makes a change from the floating head designs!

    By the way, I can’t wait for tron legacy…daft punk were basically born to do this :)

  8. That is incredibly swish James! I kinda missed the boat with Tron, but looking at that makes me want to swim on after it!! Fantastic job!! Hopefully Disney take you up on it! It would be there loss!

  9. Once again, a nice composition! Would love too see a couple detail shots, get some of the intricacy from the background involved!
    Lovin’ it!

  10. Fantastic work James. You would be the perfect guy to do the posters for the movie. Maybe we should all write to Disney or do a petition like that other guy said. Daft Punk doing the soundtrack was such an inspired move as well!

  11. they’ll call you or not – either way you’ve already got yourself a lot of attention on Web by doing this one ;) great concept and great works overall, congrats :)

  12. Unlike Steve, I think that this hits the mark perfectly. It keeps in mind the design aspect and crisp nature of the updated visuals for the sequel, while also referencing the two most exciting things about the original – the lightcycles and discs.

    The original poster certainly has a distinctly retro feel to it these days – as does the film itself. I don’t know if Disney will be able to top you on this one. Your design is simply too badass.

  13. I enjoy the design quite a bit, but there’s something unsettling about the placement of different elements that makes everything look a bit off center. Does anyone else see what I’m seeing? It looks like the individual parts are centered (top text, graphic, and bottom text), but the poster as a whole is thrown a bit askew.

    Maybe I’m crazy.

  14. No it looks like to me that the focal point is just slightly off center. But I like it. It gives the piece tension and makes me a little nervous, scared, and edgy.

  15. I think this is really awesome. You did a really great job with this – I’m digging the poster a lot. Nice work!

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  17. Hi James,

    As a HUGE fan of the original Tron and getting increasingly excited about Legacy, I’ve set up a blog counting down to release date – Hope you don’t mind but I’ve featured this fantastic poster and linked back to your blog – you’ve got some bloody good stuff on here, so I hope it helps in a little way to get you some more exposure!

  18. Mate this is really nice work, You should be very proud of yourself. I actually think what I’m most impressed with is the composition. Keep up the good work James!

  19. This is one of the best unofficial movie posters I’ve ever seen. I think your art is one of the best out there James!!!

  20. All your work gives me the warm fuzzies and this Tron poster does no less. Like technicolor gone modern but holds the bold and memorable emotion that will keep me coming back for more.

    As a side note, I simply cannot wait until the new Tron movie comes out later this year!

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