Tron Legacy giveaway on Abduzeedo

Tron Legacy by James White Abduzeedo

Tron Legacy poster by James White

I’m happy to announce that Signalnoise has teamed up with the mighty Abduzeedo to host a Tron Legacy poster giveaway.

To enter is simple, swing by the post on Abduzeedo and leave Fabio a comment. You will have the chance to win one of two posters. Pretty easy :)

Big thanks to Fabio for putting this on!






15 responses to “Tron Legacy giveaway on Abduzeedo”

  1. Hal Swift Avatar

    I’ve loved this poster since I first saw! So excited for the give away! I’d love it!

  2. bobmartien Avatar

    OMG ! Very cool !

  3. Lisa Avatar


    This is such a cool idea! The poster looks amazing and now i’m excited. I can’t wait to see who wins !!!!

  4. Deg Avatar

    I get the following error when I try to post a comment on their site:

    * warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 1270.
    * warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ” was given in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 366.

  5. Bugsy Avatar

    Amazing job. Can’t wait.
    Also you should check out this website. I think they borrowed one of your designs.

  6. Suain Avatar

    Great! Like it a lot!

  7. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, gang and good luck to those who entered :)

  8. Ryan Avatar

    Three things…

    1. Love the poster.
    2. I want your shirt.
    3. You really need to change that lightbulb in your dining room.

  9. Randy Avatar

    Hey man,

    Totally unrelated comment (kind-of). Seeing as how you’re a Mastodon fan, and seeing as how I just got out of a Mastodon concert, got a weird question for ya. I saw this dude walking around in what I think was a Mastodon shirt. It had what looked like that glaive thingy from the movie “Krull” on it. I’ve looked everywhere for and still no evidence of its existence. Was I dreaming? ‘Cause it was totally epic.


  10. agency wrath Avatar
    agency wrath

    utter shit

  11. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Wow, agency. What meaningful input you have for us.

    James, this is good stuff. I really appreciate how you successfully referenced the Tron Legacy trailer with the subtle cityscape background, tiled flooring and of course the Light Cycle trails.

  12. agency wrath Avatar
    agency wrath

    there is nothing meaningful to input on.

  13. james Avatar

    Agency Wrath, lucky for you the internet is a big place. So why not go find something you enjoy rather then wasting time complaining about the things you don’t.

  14. Daniel Avatar

    If you’re fed up with Graphic Design, you can always start a career as a model. That pose of yours is CLASSIC. :P

  15. Adam Superfan Avatar

    @Randy: I have that Mastodon shirt.

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