Tron Legacy: Final trailer and promos

We have just over a month before Disney releases it’s highly anticipated Tron Legacy, and I’m just as excited as everyone else. It’s been amazing watching the footage and effects take shape over the last year and a half, and the onslaught of promos we’ve been seeing recently has been wonderful. Can’t wait to see this one in full action.

Shown here is the final Tron Legacy trailer along with some nice promotional images of the costume designs, all of which look pretty badass. Beautiful use of neon lights and black armor, and I love the simple differentiations in color and design to make each uniform distinct from one another. Thanks to Abduzeedo for the shots, check out their post for more.

Looking forward to December 17th.






6 responses to “Tron Legacy: Final trailer and promos”

  1. Doug Vander Meulen Avatar

    Can’t wait. Hope it lives up to the hype.

  2. Cameron D Avatar
    Cameron D

    Can’t say that i’ve seen the original Tron but that looks awesome!

    I’ll have to get on it and watch the first one before this comes out!

  3. Tony Avatar

    Lets just be real… you know this movie is going to fail big… it’ll be pretty though

  4. Alexei Avatar

    I think the biggest problem with new Tron is that it is not old. When we see original Tron it is so unlike to everything we used to now and so it is very appealing (don’t know how it looked when it just came out, though). Tron Legacy looks like every other stylish TV commercial.
    Sound and music in trailers are even more mediocre and could be in any action film of last ten years. There is a Daft Punk track online done in modern hard electronic sound which is more exciting, hope the actual film will have more of it.

  5. GUS the Gamer Avatar

    Loving the effects and visual atmosphere

    the corny family story
    and the fact that the characters know what tron is and have toys and posters about it, cmon we just want action not family values!

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