Toronto Blue Jays logo: 1977 – 1996

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  1. Just looked up the new logo (although I’ve seen it before) and I totally agree with you. I also agree with what you said on the broadcast, mentioning that the whole ‘let’s redesign the logo because we don’t have anything else to do’ thing is dumb.

    Stay with great logos, great logos are timeless, no need to change them to attract a new generation.

  2. Great post about simplicity James. I love designing logos and so many people want over complicated logos that don’t shrink down or print well. This can be frustrating at times fro but I must keep calm & carry on! Also the first update to the Blue Jays logo isn’t that far off from the first logo.

    To see the progression that James is talking about check out these links.

  3. They have kinda started to take a step back and incorporate this logo into alot of their merchandising again. I think the guys over in their marketing dept realise that it is still really popular. Needless to say that I only really buy the merchandise with this logo on. Great post James!

  4. Such a memorable icon from my childhood. Had many a t-shirt and hat with that logo. Great post to accompany it, too. New appreciation and perspective… may have to go see if I can dig out an old hat!

  5. The newer logos (while being sound in their execution) just don’t have the same appeal that this one had. It’s the simplicity that I miss, it just struck a chord with kids. It was fun. The redesign they did in 1996 was obviously a “keep the old design but make it more funky” decision. But … it wasn’t broke to begin with. Y’know?

  6. While not being a particular baseball fan, or any real sports (watching) fan, I do find the logo progression of many teams to be an interesting look at perceived styles throughout history. They seem to be a major ‘industry’ that lasts through the years, but also feels the need to change their brand regularly.

    For a broader look at the Blue Jay’s logo incorporated into materials, as well as rundowns of many other sports logos:

  7. At least they still keep the heritage alive by donning the vintage hats and uniforms as a third option. Props to them for doing so.

    But if you want to talk logos …. the Expos can give them a run for their money!

  8. Why change a good thing?

    I’m convinced if the Jays brought back the O.G. logo, they would start winning again.

  9. I totally agree, James. (Great graphic design work you have, BTW). The Blue Jays have such a great history (specifically 1983-1993) which ought to be graphically honoured today and into the future.

    If anyone’s interested, there’s a Facebook group advocating for the reinstatement of the original ‘true’ Blue Jays logo:

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