Tinker Toys redesign by Kelly Abeln

Here is a lovely Tinker Toys package redesign by Kelly Abeln. I like seeing re-imaginings of classic toys and games just to see how the brand could possibly be taken in different directions. But this one really hit home. Kelly’s design is fresh, fun and functional with the little diagrams of pieces.

But best of all, the design was obviously treated with respect to the product. No flashy light beams or attempts to “hip up” a classic toy (which seems to be the norm these days). Just a nice, strong design. A proud design. These are Tinker Toys, not Dora or … Pokemon, or whatever kids are into. This toy is older than all of us, and it’s proud of that. Kelly’s redesign speaks on that level.

I posted the original Tinker Toys can here as well, which I believe is the one I had as a kid. I love the comparison of the old to Kelly’s. Certain harmony there. I dig it.

PS. I remember that can being super hard to open when I was 5. Had to get dad to open it all the time.






3 responses to “Tinker Toys redesign by Kelly Abeln”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Brilliant! I had the original Tinker Toy can and I think I built each one of those examples too.

    I like the new design with all the shapes and colours. Keeping it simple while adding a bit more colour and style. Who knows maybe I’ll pick up another box!

  2. Melody Avatar

    *swoon* Love it. Like you said, it’s true to the product it’s selling and I think that makes it great.

    And YES, those cans were terrible to open. Blasted metal lid.

  3. z4ngetsu Avatar

    Oh man i Remember playing with these as a kid! great redesign

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