Three Hours of Power

12 years ago today is when I registered as my website. I was working at my first job at the time, Internet Solutions here in Halifax when the kind folks there helped me out in setting things up for the first time. I wanted my own little corner of the internet to upload my art and designs. At the time I had no idea what this would grow to be, but I’m happy to say it still feels like that same little corner I was excited about back in 1999.

Also by some twist of fate, today marks the 50th SNBC broadcast. Very strange how that worked out, huh? So I will be doing SNBC:50 a day earlier then usual and will be following my good pal Nick Campbell, going live once he finishes up his GSG Live Cast. But the fun doesn’t stop there because you can tune in later this evening to see my buddy Ryan McGovern live with DesignChat, and his special guest Carolina de Bartolo. So much art and design, love it. All the info and times are on the graphic above.

EDIT: This event has ended. Thanks for tuning in everyone.






10 responses to “Three Hours of Power”

  1. Simon Avatar

    James, I saw you last year at FITC and I was so amazed by your art that I have been following your blog ever since. 12 years seems like a long time and I hope to have a blog and an online shop as successful as yours in the future. Congrats on Signal noise and happy 50th SNBC!

  2. Spijker Avatar

    Damn! Can’t make it due to late training sessions!
    Best of luck ;)

  3. paul_pants Avatar

    I’ve got my day planned out now, looking forward to it! Congrats on sticking with it for 12 years, I feel like Signalnoise will only get better from here!

  4. Colin Oakes Avatar

    Here’s to another 12 years! *raise glass above head*

  5. Allan Samayoa Avatar

    Congratulations Signalnoise! for 12 years of Art!

  6. Jorden Tually Avatar

    12 years!!! And the lightning never stopped!

  7. Omar Jones Avatar

    Hey James congrats on your 12th year buddy! You have inspire me to the next level in my career THANKS JAMES WHITE. Hope to meet and collaborate someday.

  8. DAN-O-SAUR Avatar

    What can I say….I know you love me, too HAHA
    Keep up the passion and honesty in your Art!!!!!
    Thanks for your time and madness buddy!
    See you soon,


  9. David Avatar

    Congratulations James!

  10. John Avatar

    Congratulations James! Keep the dream going.

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