The work of Katie Kirk

Really digging the clean and stylized work by Minneapolis-based illustrator Katie Kirk. I stumbled upon her Flickr stream quite by accident last week and spent a great deal of time flipping through her portfolio. What’s really interesting is seeing the progression of her work, from her earliest to recent. She has an obvious eye for style, and instead of adding more things to her illustrations, it’s as if she spent time taking things away which results in a more pure form.

In a time when it seems “more is more”, it’s refreshing to find calming work like Katie’s out there in the wilderness. Check out her official site, her Flickr stream and drop by her Etsy shop.






2 responses to “The work of Katie Kirk”

  1. Melody Avatar

    I *love* Katie Kirk’s work. I came across it earlier this month myself and the gorgeousness of the shapes and the way she uses color just floored me.

  2. codeluu Avatar

    great cool works.

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