The Sword: Warp Riders

I’ve been a fan of Texan-based metal band The Sword for the better part of 5 years now, and I was surprised recently by the release of their new album, Warp Riders.

I picked up the album yesterday and, not only do the new tracks totally live up to The Sword’s talent but check out the album art and collateral. I really enjoyed the previous logo and artwork the guys put together for previous albums, but I was floored by this old school sci-fi direction. I thought the art looked strangely familiar, and as it turns out Dan McPharlin did all of the painting and design. You might remember his work from this post, or even this one.

I really enjoy seeing my favorite artists work with my favorite bands. You metal-heads might want to check this album out, pretty awesome.







4 responses to “The Sword: Warp Riders”

  1. Patrick Avatar

    Wow that stuff is awesome! Reminds me of those old sci-fi books I’d read in elementary school. The Sword are pretty rockin as well!

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Really digging that as well. Great new logo too.

  3. Courtny Cotten Avatar

    They did a complete 360 from their previous Nordic look. It’s nice, but I loved those Art Nouveau illustrations they had before too!

  4. Olivia Avatar

    The Sword is BY FAR the SHIT FORREEAAAL!

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