The Sword: Warp Riders video trilogy

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  1. Man… These guys ROCK!! I love the old school metal feel of this band! I wonder if they’ll ever tour up this way?? Would love to rock one of them shirts you designed for them.

  2. Sweet…some good old 70’s inspired rock when rock was cool and all the production was analogue sounding rather than todays pap that makes most rock bands sound like a mix of Def Lepard, Metallica and Backstreet boys…ugh!!! (i don’t mind a bit of Metallica by the way but when you mix it with the other two…jeez!!!) Cool Band!!! Hey James…if you don’t know them…and you might, being a true rock fan…check out a welsh group from the 70’s called Budgie ( classic track from these pioneers of the RAAAAWWWWCCCKKKK!!!!

  3. The first time I heard The Sword was shortly after the debut of their Warp Riders album, and it was love at first listen. To actually see their vision for this album is even cooler. The shirt you did for their tour is so awesome… I popped over to their site on the off-chance that it might be available for purchase, only to be disappointed and then heartened at finding another shirt that’s amazing as well.

  4. I adore Warp Riders to bits, from the music to that awesome cover. I’d love to catch them live one day.

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