The Sovereign Sweat

The Sovereign Sweat by James White

Here is a new piece entitled The Sovereign Sweat. I’ve been trying my hand at digital painting again recently as I haven’t worked with the techniques involved in over a year since The Blind in 2007. This piece is inspired by old school movie poster masters such as Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel and Bob Peak, as well as the James Bond book covers created by Michael Gillette.

Here is a detail of the poster to show some of the painterly elements in the face.

I had a lot of fun creating this poster and will probably experiment more with painting in Photoshop once I get my footing. This poster will probably end up in the Signalnoise Store soon.






5 responses to “The Sovereign Sweat”

  1. Luís Avatar

    Beautiful illustration

  2. neil Avatar

    Been following your this blog for a while now – I like your style dude! Is that your own font?

  3. Mbithi Avatar

    Wow!I’m gobsmacked with how good this turned out. It actually made me drop my jaw. Nice work!

  4. Taylor Avatar

    I really like this.

    This may be a stylistic choice, but I don’t like that the dress and hair don’t have any modeling at all. It’s making me uncomfortable to look at it.

    But I love all the subtle things you put in this piece. I love the damask pattern that pops up here and there on the dress. And I love how you made the words sweat.

    Great piece. I’m looking forward to seeing more stuff like this from you.

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