The sound of Tron Legacy and “Derezzed”

Here are a few great looking snips as materials continue to appear online pumping up Tron Legacy. Firstly, a glimpse into the sound engineering for the movie. I love behind the scenes stuff, and this video definitely falls in line with the anticipated film. The video shows great insight on the audio side of the movie, great stuff.

The second is the official video from Daft Punk for the first single from the soundtrack, entitled “Derezzed”. For those looking for the smooth and glossy graphics from Legacy will be disappointed as the robots in Daft went back to 1982 with this one. Great choice, and fantastic track. If you want to check out a big 21-minute sampler of Daft Punk’s score for the film, hit Myspace.

And finally, a killer shot of Daft Punk all done up in their Tron outfits. How would one go about buying one of those jackets? I need one.






3 responses to “The sound of Tron Legacy and “Derezzed””

  1. Dave Behm Avatar

    Thanks for posting….can’t wait to see this movie!

  2. Shmeergla Avatar

    Freaking awesome! Whoever got Daft Punk on board this movie must be a godlike entity! Can’t wait to see the movie!
    I Sure liked the The Glitch Mob take on the “Derazzed” tune…

  3. Jerome Avatar


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