The Signalnoise Tumblr

The Signalnoise Tumblr

One of the frequent questions I get asked is “Where do you get inspiration from?”. That’s a pretty daunting inquiry, far too big to answer in a few minutes as there’s no one specific place an artist goes to every single time. Books, movies, comics, cartoons, music… all over the place.

I decided about a month ago to start collecting images in an attempt to build a big Signalnoise moodboard. A resource that would always be available to me when I wanted cool stuff to look at, and would also keep me on the hunt for new rad stuff I wanted to save. I figured Tumblr was a great way of doing this. So here we go, The Signalnoise Tumblr.

Flipping through that thing you should get a very heavy dose of the Signalnoise vibe. Every image I save on that thing is there for a very specific reason, whether it’s cool type, a wicked lighting effect or wild colours. I don’t save just anything related to the 80s, only the stuff that nails it. I’ll continue to keep this Tumblr heavily curated to keep the mood focused.

So if you’re on Tumblr, feel free to follow The Signalnoise Tumblr. Get ready for some sexy, neon action.






3 responses to “The Signalnoise Tumblr”

  1. Rodrigo Martins Avatar

    Dude, you should definitely use Pinterest.

    I think it would be easier to store all the references.

    just a tip.


  2. James Avatar

    I gave Pinterest a shot, it didn’t hold my attention. Tumblr is working just fine.

  3. Jay Avatar

    wow dude this is exactly what i was looking for!
    Please never take this tumblr down its amazing! instantly added to my favs

    How Dope is this!

    Do you know the method of how they used to create these images in the past was it airbrush?
    P.S big fan of your work btw

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