The Signalnoise logos: 1999 – 2008

Signalnoise logo

Signalnoise logo

Signalnoise logo

Signalnoise logo

A logo should be simple enough to be easily remembered and recognized, yet be unique enough to distinguish itself and convey its message. That being said, the hardest task I have ever taken on as a designer was developing my own logo for Signalnoise. I would like a design one day, then dislike it the next.

So here is a look back at my different Signalnoise logos, the first of which was designed in 1999 when I was 22 years old. As I learned different tools and techniques, while being influenced by the new and exciting art I was being exposed to, the style of my logo was swinging wildly all over the place.

It was obvious that I was unwilling to let the skull design drop, so seen here is the symbol in a number of incarnations until I eventually landed on the winged skull that I have been using for the past few years.

A number of these logos can be seen in use throughout my various website designs found in the Signalnoise Graveyard.






8 responses to “The Signalnoise logos: 1999 – 2008”

  1. Grant Friedman Avatar

    I agree with you on this. For some reason it’s harder to design a logo for yourself than it is for a client.

  2. PKayne Avatar

    I’ve been struggling with designing a logo for my own purposes for the last 5 years. So I definitely identify with this post. I often wonder if I should stick with a logo because I am trying to create some form brand identity or should I change it because I am never satisfied.

    I like logo no 5. I am a sucker for communist era based design. But I could understand in practicality how it might be difficult to use, especially on business cards and your website.

  3. james Avatar

    PKayne, you bring up a good point. Continuous evolution is a very important part of being an artist, which kind of goes against the idea of a brand or logo (which is important to have lasting power). Ideas and styles can shift very frequently so it’s very difficult to design a logo to sum up every facet of one’s personality. Being too close to a project can be a curse sometimes :)

  4. Chad Mueller Avatar

    Number 8 is awesome James… very cool

    Interesting to see the growth in your designs and logos.

  5. @yugoslavian Avatar

    5, 6, 10 – yeah!!!

  6. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    I love number 10. But no comparison to the current Signalnoise logo.

  7. yamen Avatar

    Number 10 is awesome James stick with it

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