The Salvation Army & Signalnoise + Giveaway

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  1. These are great!!! Thanks so much for your time and skill to complete these. I live the designs!!!! Keep it up!!! They are so good.

  2. Thanks so much for all the kind reviews, everyone. Like is said in the post, the Salvation Army is exactly the kind of cause I enjoy using my designs to support, and all proceeds go to a very good cause. Keep it positive, y’know?

  3. Love the new look for a classic group that will never go out of style. These types of shirts will keep reminding us that there are others in the world who need our help! Thanks for your help.

  4. Very excited about this shirt and the cause. Whenever I visit Vancouver I help out at this ministry and I can attest to its power and effectiveness. Waging war with love in a place that desperately needs it. Thanks James for this amazing shirt and selflessly sharing your talent. It is very much appreciated! (I ordered mine in blue).

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