The Salvation Army & Signalnoise + Giveaway

I’m really excited to announce the launch of the Salvation Army + Signalnoise Blood & Fire t-shirt now available for purchase at WARdrobe Army Apparel. It’s always been my goal to find suitable projects where I can do the work I enjoy and it gets used for a wonderful cause. The Salvation Army is a perfect fit and I was thrilled when they contacted me, great people doing great work all over the world and I’m stoked to be a part of their growing line of apparel. The shirt begins shipping on the 22nd.

100% of the proceeds of this t-shirt will benefit the street meal service provided by The Salvation Army Cariboo Hill.  Their volunteer team provides over 600 hot meals a week to those in need on the corner of Main and Hastings in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver BC. Here’s a bit about the shirt and the project:

Printed with waterbase discharge inks and metallic gold trim on pre-shrunk, super soft Alstyle 5301and metallic gold trim 100% ring-spun cotton. Available in Black or Light Blue. Some other notable Artists involved on the project are Hydro74, Barton Damer, Matt Stevens, Los Fokos, Zombie Yeti, Invisible Creature and Joshua Belanger.

Buy a shirt and win a Signalnoise poster

And to make matters even better, if you order a Blood & Fire t-shirt within the next week you will be entered to win one of 2 Signalnoise posters of your choice (the Tron Legacy poster is included in that selection). I will be announcing the 2 winners on Signalnoise Broadcast 22, which will air next week on Thursday, September 23rd at 3pm EST. Tune in to hear the big announcement, and best of luck!

A big shout out to my good pal Fulton Hawk over at The Salvation Army for making this project happen. Keep rockin’, brother!






14 responses to “The Salvation Army & Signalnoise + Giveaway”

  1. Ash Avatar

    Ordered! Great Cause! Thanks!

  2. Fulton Hawk Avatar

    Great shirt. Great cause. James White for President or Prime Minister… or Big Chief… Whatever they call it in Canada:)

  3. Colin Oakes Avatar

    The shirt looks amazing! The metallic gold trim will look PIMP in real life.

  4. Luke Desroches Avatar

    Very cool shirt! Love the text.

  5. DavidCom Avatar

    Stunned. First instant buy of my life :D

  6. Shane Miller Avatar
    Shane Miller

    Awsome shirt I want one! Hey thank you soo much for all you do for the ARMY!!!

  7. Danielle Strickland Avatar

    LOVE the design and the heart!! God bless your every effort!!

  8. Sarah Avatar

    These are great!!! Thanks so much for your time and skill to complete these. I live the designs!!!! Keep it up!!! They are so good.

  9. Andrew Fries Avatar
    Andrew Fries

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! They’re awesome. :]

  10. james Avatar

    Thanks so much for all the kind reviews, everyone. Like is said in the post, the Salvation Army is exactly the kind of cause I enjoy using my designs to support, and all proceeds go to a very good cause. Keep it positive, y’know?

  11. Martha Sheppard Avatar
    Martha Sheppard

    Love the new look for a classic group that will never go out of style. These types of shirts will keep reminding us that there are others in the world who need our help! Thanks for your help.

  12. Rob Noland Avatar

    Very excited about this shirt and the cause. Whenever I visit Vancouver I help out at this ministry and I can attest to its power and effectiveness. Waging war with love in a place that desperately needs it. Thanks James for this amazing shirt and selflessly sharing your talent. It is very much appreciated! (I ordered mine in blue).

  13. Gabriel Avatar

    Finally got my “Salvation Army T-Shirt” and love it!!!
    I look really handsome, hahahahahaha.

  14. Rudolf Barani Avatar
    Rudolf Barani

    Wouw….really..really..amazing desain it’s.

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