The Rocketeer #2 variant cover

The Rocketeer Hollywood Horror variant cover

Proud to release my variant cover for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2, due out this March. After the positive response to my first Rocketeer cover, the crack team at Strange Adventures and IDW Publishing decided we will do variant covers for all 4 issues of the miniseries. So exciting, man.

Rocketeer variant cover sketch
My humble doodle and rough digital paints as I planned things out.

The art for this one was just sent to IDW for pre-press scrutiny before they print these off. Once again, we are only looking at about 1000 copies of this issue with my cover so they will be pretty hard to come by. Only available at Strange Adventures locations in Eastern Canada and a few select stores in North America. But, I’m told I’ll be getting a fistful of these things to sign and sell to those interested. Watch this space for details once this hits the stands.

Poster update: I’m currently working out the numbers to get my first Rocketeer cover screen-printed by the fine folk at Mama’s Sauce. Details coming real soon.






5 responses to “The Rocketeer #2 variant cover”

  1. AnimHuT Avatar

    The Cover poster is great, Like your Other Works !
    Sir your works are amazing ! and a great Inspiration !

  2. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Dude, this just oozes coolness!! The colour palette is frickin amazing!! I love it!

  3. Tim Avatar

    Very stylish James! Great colors. I’m very curious…how long does it take you to go from “rough digital paint” to the final piece?

  4. Derek King Avatar

    Was this all Illustrator or is there a hint of Photoshop in there?

  5. Simon H. Avatar

    I’d almost say that I prefer your digital painting. Almost.

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