The O series

O series by James White

O series by James White

O series by James White

The O series, 1 to 3.






20 responses to “The O series”

  1. zacislost Avatar

    Best work yet imo.. very dark and imposing

  2. NavinJ Avatar

    Fantastic stuff, as always… Always worth the trip to Signalnoise for inspiration.

  3. MR.ROSCO Avatar

    Wow!! nice serie, really strange lights.

  4. kyle steed Avatar

    simply amazing.

  5. Aaron Irizarry Avatar

    Very striking! great work.

  6. Franz Jeitz |fudgegraphics Avatar

    I’m blown away. These are so strong! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Todd Coleman Avatar

    Wow! These are absolutely stunning!

  8. Joseph Avatar

    Really great stuff, man. Keep going!

  9. Jack Avatar

    Your work is stunning, truly inspirational!

  10. frans Avatar

    Love it!

  11. les Avatar

    Nice, but unfortunately reminds me too much of

  12. james Avatar

    Thanks so much, everyone. Appreciate the kind words.

    les, love to know how the Collective constructed that thing in Flash. The interactive effects and shifting light refractions are brilliance.

  13. les Avatar

    i must apologize for my earlier comment. i was in a rush and may have been a bit brash. even missed a letter on the name! anyway, nice stuff you’ve got going james, and yes that space collective intro is top notch! I believe the person behind it is Folkert Gorter at who has some great work too. keep it up!

  14. olivier Avatar

    Velly cool, striking and strong. Even better when your name starts with O too! :)

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