The new Signalnoise Gallery

I’m happy to announce an exciting extension to the Signalnoise online presence. For the past few years when you clicked the Gallery button on the sidebar you were directed to a nice Flash app called TiltViewer, which displayed my Flickr stream in a nice 3D way. It looked sexy, but it unfortunately wasn’t a right fit to properly display my personal and client pieces in hopes of generating new work. Today, that changes with the new Signalnoise Gallery.

Signalnoise is now part of Cargo and I made some great efforts over the last little while to build a proper online gallery using their amazing platform. Now when you click on the Gallery button you will be taken to a nice format where you can click through a number of my professional and personal works from a number of different projects. I unearthed a few pieces that may have gotten buried under blog posts or Flickr sets, so they can have their own place to shine.

Hooking up with Cargo wasn’t a means of generating more social media traffic. After quite a lot of research to figure out what platform would work the best, Cargo and their Space Collective theme reigned supreme. Not only is it beautiful, but the admin is perfectly built to make things smooth and easy. Many high-fives to the team at Cargo on their efforts.

The door is open, step into the new Signalnoise Gallery and have a look around.






7 responses to “The new Signalnoise Gallery”

  1. Stefan Avatar

    Looks great dude! Visual eyecandy.

  2. Max Avatar

    wooo go cargo collective!

  3. paul_pants Avatar

    Perfect way to show off your stuff, definitely a big step up from the Flash gallery.

  4. james Avatar

    Thanks so much, guys. After using Cargo for the past few days I can’t understand why I kept the Flash gallery for so long. So much better now, and can be viewed on all mobile devices.

  5. Adam Avatar

    Did you go with the free version or upgraded? looks like you didn’t get to choose your URL for it. they layout and style is real nice and i think you can really see your work better…the flash one kind of titled it and was a bit hard to control. thanks for showing us!

  6. Habieb Avatar

    I’ve just visited your new gallery, and I am very impressed with your artwork. Love your light style.

  7. Guilherme Marconato Avatar
    Guilherme Marconato

    Nice gallery dude! Your works are very impressive!

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