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  1. wow,this one sucks big time…are you sick again?better stay in bed than do some crap like this

  2. Hey Matt, go somewhere else if you don’t like this type of stuff. No one asked to hear that rude and arrogant comment.

  3. That’s messed up, Matt. Get a grip, dude.

    James, good stuff – both the art and the social commentary. Thanks for opening up with us!

  4. It’s not one of James’ best bits of work but it is far from crap Matt! – and who can deny that font (personally couple of things I would change like I think it would look better with a dark blue background but that’s just nit picking).

    Good work James.

  5. Hey James, in both my Graphic and Film work, I’m basically obsessed with authentic/analog looking lens flares, I’m curious as to where you get yours? Do you take pictures yourself? Or did you find them stock? or what? Greatly appreciated, I dig this.


  6. I like this work. I don’t always look at how complexed an artpiece is. Sometimes…well, most of the time, a simple artpiece is ‘greater’ than an ugly complexed advanced technical piece. I like this one. It’s just ‘great’!

  7. Ahh, I like it. that font is fantastic. Can’t seem to find it online. The only thing that sticks out to me that I can’t ignore is that little corner artifact floating in the lower region above the type to the right. I can’t tell if its supposed to be there or not. Which makes me always wonder back to it.

  8. Hi James , really cool work as always ,congrats

    I have one question tough , is that the default photoshop “world wide web” symbol from the custom shapes menu ?

    Erik thanks for the link , i was wondering for a while what that font was :)

    Matt , your comment is funny , rude but still funny :)

  9. Brandon, I typically search out natural lighting effects on the web then edit the photos to fit my needs. I have tried many times to create my own flares and lighting in Photoshop, but they consistently look synthetic. I search for things like headlights, eclipse, sunsets, street lamps, etc.

    Brent, good call. I’ve been meaning to watch Network for a long time. I think it’s time to rent :)

    Wayne, Eric is right. I use a mix of Bookman Regular and Bookman Swash in a lot of my pieces. I’m addicted to it’s presentability.

    Loremipsum, the globe in my piece was created by hand in Illustrator.

  10. Great idea for searching for stuff like headlights and street lamps. Makes more sense than just searching for “lense flares”.

  11. Hi James, sorry i didn’t mean to offend you
    I was just curios , it’s really similar to the default one and that’s why i asked

  12. Thanks Chad, the font is Bookman Swash. It’s a really fun typeface to work with, which is why I’ve been using it for everything lately :)

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