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  1. That’s messed up, Matt. Get a grip, dude.

    James, good stuff – both the art and the social commentary. Thanks for opening up with us!

  2. It’s not one of James’ best bits of work but it is far from crap Matt! – and who can deny that font (personally couple of things I would change like I think it would look better with a dark blue background but that’s just nit picking).

    Good work James.

  3. Hey James, in both my Graphic and Film work, I’m basically obsessed with authentic/analog looking lens flares, I’m curious as to where you get yours? Do you take pictures yourself? Or did you find them stock? or what? Greatly appreciated, I dig this.


  4. I like this work. I don’t always look at how complexed an artpiece is. Sometimes…well, most of the time, a simple artpiece is ‘greater’ than an ugly complexed advanced technical piece. I like this one. It’s just ‘great’!

  5. Ahh, I like it. that font is fantastic. Can’t seem to find it online. The only thing that sticks out to me that I can’t ignore is that little corner artifact floating in the lower region above the type to the right. I can’t tell if its supposed to be there or not. Which makes me always wonder back to it.

  6. Hi James , really cool work as always ,congrats

    I have one question tough , is that the default photoshop “world wide web” symbol from the custom shapes menu ?

    Erik thanks for the link , i was wondering for a while what that font was :)

    Matt , your comment is funny , rude but still funny :)

  7. Brandon, I typically search out natural lighting effects on the web then edit the photos to fit my needs. I have tried many times to create my own flares and lighting in Photoshop, but they consistently look synthetic. I search for things like headlights, eclipse, sunsets, street lamps, etc.

    Brent, good call. I’ve been meaning to watch Network for a long time. I think it’s time to rent :)

    Wayne, Eric is right. I use a mix of Bookman Regular and Bookman Swash in a lot of my pieces. I’m addicted to it’s presentability.

    Loremipsum, the globe in my piece was created by hand in Illustrator.

  8. Hi James, sorry i didn’t mean to offend you
    I was just curios , it’s really similar to the default one and that’s why i asked

  9. Thanks Chad, the font is Bookman Swash. It’s a really fun typeface to work with, which is why I’ve been using it for everything lately :)

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