The MTV tshirt line that wasn’t

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  1. Things always happen for a reason. The spark this request ignited wasn’t to stop there. You’ve developed a couple of these for other people and look where it got you. Dude, you’re famous!

  2. Rasheed, I didn’t develop any of these for other people. You might have seen a few elements used in my own work, but not for another client.

    Miguel, yes I got paid for the work I completed.

  3. Wow, it’s a shame these never became actual merchandise, because these are awesome. But everything happens for a reason.

  4. Remember, how you showed a sketch of the second picture in one of your broadcasts. I was always thinking, how come James never showed us the final piece of this one. :) Love it so much.

  5. Oh my god! These are hawt! I especially like the discoball with and without rollerskates. I’d wear/buy any on of these today!
    I do wonder if the vector shirts were off-putting. Sometimes just rouging them out in photoshop on a real blank shirt/model seals the deal. Such strong work though (as always).

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