The Jacksons: Can You Feel It?

Can You Feel It? The Jacksons

Can You Feel It? by The Jacksons is one amazing piece of retro special effect cinematography. It has the unmistakable style of late 70s computer effects with a mix of psychedelia not far from the first Heavy Metal movie. This video has it all: lens flares, sparkles, star fields, rainbows, fire, etc. So rich with retro styles.

I’ll never quite know what the Jacksons were trying to get across with this video, besides making the world happy by growing 50 stories tall and dropping sparkles on everyone. Regardless, it’s an amazing piece of work and well worth a watch.






5 responses to “The Jacksons: Can You Feel It?”

  1. Photon™ Avatar

    Have you seen this one?

    ” A Behind-the-scenes docu on how the “HBO Starship” intro from the 1980’s was created. Taped off HBO in 1983 and captured from an old VHS tape ”


  2. james Avatar

    Thanks for the link, Photon. I have never seen that before, really amazing how they made that awesome starburst effect simply using two transparencies. They made incredible effects without crazy graphic cards or gigs of ram. So clever.

  3. Peter Avatar

    Have you seen this Epcot Preview video on YouTube? It uses a similar style to your graphics. I guess what they all have in common is the process known as Slit-scan photography:

  4. andi g Avatar
    andi g

    you don’t know what they mean with the video? dude how old are you?

    try some lsd, or at least some weed!

    good worx.

  5. Raine Avatar

    I think I see early influence for Guitar Hero here… check out first image on second row, from the left.. :P

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