The Hudsucker Proxy poster

Here is a Signalnoise poster for the film The Hudsucker Proxy by the mighty Joel and Ethan Coen. My pal Dave Howlett gave me the DVD for Christmas of last year as I’ve been talking about wanting to see it again for quite some time. So a few weeks ago I threw Hudsucker on and had a sketchbook close by in case any poster ideas hit me.

I sketched up the initial ideas for this poster after watching my favorite part of the film, when Waring Hudsucker runs down the boardroom table and dives out the window (not a spoiler, happens at the beginning). He does this after hearing a record breaking financial report, and doesn’t say a word for the entire scene. Love it, see here:

The Hudsucker Proxy is rich with visuals and I could have went in any direction, but I wanted my poster to be specific to that scene as it’s the catalyst for the rest of the movie. If you watched that clip, you’ll see ultimately where the design came from, what elements I took and the moment I wanted to capture. Needed to be clean, almost cold, like the 1950s Hudsucker boardroom.

Now, fans of the film might mention that there’s a key element, or “product” missing from my poster but I assure you there’s a good reason why. When I watched the movie for the first time with my pals Dave Howlett and Mike Holmes, whether it was intentional or not, they kept the DVD cover away from me and never mentioned the big idea Norville Barnes had up his sleeve. So while watching the film, Tim Robbins’ character looked absolutely nuts for the first half. I was in stitches, best way to experience the film in my opinion. So for that reason, I left it out of my design as to not ruin the surprise for those who have not yet seen the movie.

Going to send this off to the print ship for proofing in the next few days, and going to see what I can do to make it available.






13 responses to “The Hudsucker Proxy poster”

  1. Jayson Avatar

    That’s great. I wish more actual movie posters would do this rather than just being pictures of the actors.

  2. Matt Avatar

    I’m def. with Jayson on this one, posters shouldn’t just be screenshots of the actors comped together without much concept.

    Awesome poster from a great artist for an awesome movie from great filmmakers.

  3. Reilly Newman (Zangaroo) Avatar

    I like this a lot!
    The thick lines and font choice go great with the fantastic color selection and textures involved…. Shweet concept as well!

    Super cool!
    Thanks for sharing!
    -Reilly Newman

  4. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    I totally agree about leaving out the…item in question. It really doesn’t make that much sense for it to be the focal point. I LOVE the way you highlighted the “H” of the Hudsucker logo. Great idea.
    You know what’s crazy? I never really noticed how prominent that boardroom table was in the movie. It’s so iconic! I love that kind of really well thought-out production design in movies. This makes me want to watch it again!

  5. james Avatar

    Jayson, Matt: It’s funny you said that because I pondered the idea of putting some character shots in the divisions of the poster. But I agree with you guys, kind of an easy way out. I wanted to keep it simple.

    Joseph, totally agree with you on that boardroom table. It’s beautifully made and looks amazing in that scene. It’s iconic, but in typical Coen form they don’t draw attention to it. Brilliant.

  6. Clint Avatar

    One of my favorite movies now has a poster that meets it’s awesomeness. That’s right, Awesomeness :)

  7. Ibraheem Youssef Avatar

    James, It’s always a treat when you share with us your work and take us through the process of creating it. Quite generous of you :)

  8. Dave Howlett Avatar

    Long live the Hud! Great work, I love it. Hopefully we’ll one day move into an era where the stars’ faces don’t need to be on every single goddamned poster for the movie to make money (well, not that Hudsucker actually made any money at the box office, but still). Stuff like this is always way more enticing to me as a filmgoer, rather than a bunch of floating heads and a meaningless tagline.

  9. Gav Avatar

    Fantastic stuff!

  10. 1ndigo Avatar

    Beautiful piece Sir.
    Never seen the movie, but you just made me a fan.
    Steaming it now to watch it.

  11. Jess Avatar

    Awesome! One of our favorite movies =)

  12. FGarcia Avatar

    Nice work; but somehow, when I saw your design reminded me History Channel designs (

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