The Great Discontent


I was blown away when a couple of the internet’s top brass reached out to do an interview session. Super proud to announce that I’m this week’s feature on my favourite designer interview site out there, The Great Discontent. I sat down (or Skype’d) with Ryan and Tina and we got to the bottom of all kinds of dirt.

This feature also kicked my ass to get some official and high-quality photos taken, all professional and stuff. I enlisted the help of my talented friend Krista Comeau to make me look all 80s, and she made this scumbag look like a million bucks. Just look at that lighting! Thank-you Krista!

So, take a break from your Photoshops and go have a read on The Great Discontent. A huge thanks to Ryan and Tina for the awesome chat!






4 responses to “The Great Discontent”

  1. Linda Hordijk Avatar

    Great interview, very inspiring!

  2. John Lee Avatar
    John Lee

    Inspiring, man!!

  3. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Great to see you on there, buddy! 100% deserved and 100% enjoyed reading it!

  4. Thain Lurk Avatar

    Great article James, really gets in deep and gets some of those emotions out, can’t wait to see your new creations!! True honour to meet you.

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