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  1. Mat, I built that planet pixel by pixel in 3D Max! That’s a lie. It’s a shot of Mars I found on a stock site, but you’re right, it’s probably a NASA shot originally.

  2. Woah! This is really awesome space work design James. Really love the overall theme of it.

  3. The opening of an inter-dimensional portal perhaps? I envisage Krang using this for his evil plans!

    Very well done sir!

  4. I think the little detail of the triangle breaking is a perfect touch. It gives it a ton of weight in the work. As always amazing.

  5. This reminds me of my childhood when I spent hours going through my father’s LP collection. The cover artworks were amazing just like this one. Great work James!

  6. Hi James!
    Amazing work dude!
    I just wondering, how you work outside the office? You use a macbook and a wacom table, trackpad or a mouse?
    It’s intersting to know how other people work, the tools that they use, the “backstage” you know.


  7. I love the crumbling effect between the pyramid and the floating triangle/planet/thing… It adds a sense of connection between them in the implied space, instead of it possibly being an imaginary product logo over the planet, or some other symbology disconnected from it.

  8. That looks pretty damn sweet James! I could just see this on the front of a Pink Flyod LP. Looks amazing, well done!

  9. Amazing work as always. I love the depth of this piece – so many details to get hung up on. I could stare at this for hours!

  10. Stuff like this is the reason you’re my favorite graphic designer. I really, really dig this… your ideas totally resonate with my own creative taste, and your execution has influenced my design process drastically in the past six months.

  11. Maybe it’s because I saw this while reading your post on my iPad, but any chance you could share a higher resolution version. Would love to use this as my iPad background.

    Awesome work!

  12. Thanks so much for the comments, everyone. Really appreciate the kind words on this one. To answer a few questions:

    Marcos, I have a MacBook Pro 17″. It’s my home and mobile workstation. I pack it up with my Wacom and it’s super easy to transport. Well, not “super easy” as it’s can get a bit heavy.

    Duran, I was really close to adding some kind of symbol to the smaller pyramid. Based on your comment I’m glad I left it out. Thanks man.

    Reeve, I’ve gotten away from releasing wallpaper versions of my artwork only because that’s what club event organizers rip-off to print on flyers. Unfortunate, but true.

    Nic, you son of a …

  13. Wowza, looking at the preview you posted on G+ I thought it was going to be based around the reflection of a helmet visor. Whether it was intentional or not, I still see a visor out of the hills, triangles and pyramid. Very cool!

  14. James White will ultimately rule the world….just amazing work….for sure in the top 5 designers in the planet….yeah

  15. Ah James, you’re a bloody genius you know that? Hats off to you, this has to be one of my favourites. Changing your process seems to really be working for you, its different but the same if that makes any sense.

    Anyway, great job.

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