The Design Evolution of Mario

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  1. Mario, and indeed video games, achieved perfection in 1994 with Super Mario World on the SNES. Still a game I go back to now. Everything that has come since is just gravy!

  2. David, I know but they closely enough resemble what appeared onscreen. Figured cropping a screenshot would be splitting hairs at that point.

  3. “Sure, I’ll give it a try. Why is it lagging? It always does that? Huh? They made the game too fast for the Sega’s processors? Yeah, I get it but why would they do that if it impedes the … ?”

    *throws down controller and walks away forever*

    – me in 1991 after playing Sonic

  4. You Failed at the last 3 marios, those are Renders or Box-art models, not in-game character design

  5. Morons (your words, not mine), read the above comments. At that point the box renders were so close to the in-game character design it seemed silly to spend the time cropping screen captures.

  6. 1985 or 1990… hard to choose! Both games were pivotal in my childhood.

    Side note… my wife and I started playing Super Mario Brothers on SNES (in Mario All-Stars) and had to break out the NES system to play it instead… the updated graphics, applied to the 1985 Mario Brothers just just wasn’t right!

  7. I still have my original Super Nintendo at home and when I can find the time I crack out Super Mario World and Mario All-Stars. Hours and hours of fantastic game-play that both my wife and I still enjoy.

    Sadly I sold my NES for around $15 when I was a kid thinking I’d never want to play it again after getting my SNES. *facepalm*

  8. 2002 was from Super Mario Sunshine
    2007 is actually the cover art from Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
    2008 is Super Smash Bros. Mario.

    The “Evolution” of Mario lacks a lot; The updated graphics in Super Mario All Stars, the 25th Anniversary SMB All Stars, New SMB, New SMB2 – all of which show a progression in Mario’s true design.

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