The day before launch

Here is a silly outtake from the t-shirt shoot we did at Strange Adventures comic shop yesterday evening. Chris Toms brought his camera for some photos of the shirts, his wife Sameen shot a bit of behind the scenes video and my good buddy Cal (owner of the comic shop) was gracious enough to help us out with lighting and setting things up. Thanks so much, gang!

Today is going to be a busy one. I’ll be finishing up all the loose ends for the shirt launch tomorrow, including supporting collateral, writing for the blog and store, additional graphics and promo items and a bunch more stuff. I’m even having a small event at my place this evening for close friends to have a first look and purchase some shirts.

So, enough goofin’ around on the web. Tomorrow is a big day, time to get rockin’.






13 responses to “The day before launch”

  1. Lukes Beard Avatar

    Very excited! Can’t wait.

    James White: The Model

  2. Matt Sauter Avatar

    I can’t decide whether you look like a gang member in a Broadway play, or a trendy new Street Fighter character. Either way, I totally want to buy that shirt.

  3. Richie Avatar

    Haha….. James, you look like a rockstar….. Signal Noise FTW!!

  4. Alex Avatar

    Dude…you look like an awesome rocker !!

  5. Jen Avatar

    Can’t wait!!

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks so much for the support, everyone. This whole thing is a strange and scary adventure, but exciting at the same time. Busy making launch materials right now.

    As for the rockstar thing, that new hat is more of a rockstar than I am. It wears ME. :)

  7. Fabio Sasso Avatar

    Simply awesome, you definitely look like a fighter from Street Fighter ahha or that you will start dancing Billie Jean at any moment :P

    Looking forward to seeing the Tees and of course wearing mine.

  8. John Avatar

    Nice! Cant wait to buy one.

  9. newo Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the other shirts. Good luck and thanks to share the making of with us.

  10. GUS the Gamer Avatar

    I misread the title “The day before Lunch” … :p awesome

  11. David Avatar

    Amazing! I can’t wait to get mine.

  12. Jose Avatar

    I want one but people would probably think Im gay

  13. News Droppings Avatar
    News Droppings

    I’ve already bought two (2012 & the Signature T) and I love them!!
    Next one to buy? Metal-Busters!!

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