The Countdown to Tron Legacy

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  1. that will be a very good number pad tron themed ;)
    I love all them. I thought that you have a 0 for today (0 or something that express the end of the countdown).
    Great Job James ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. My gosh!! It’s like you were born to be so awesome… I am so psyched to watch the movie…. those posters are perfect eyegasm material…. rock on buddy

  3. I would put them all in postcard packs and sell them. I’d buy it.
    Also the calendar idea is awesome, especially for this new year coming up.

  4. Wow, I damn nearly had a graphic design orgasm when I saw these. Number 1 is just breathtaking with it’s sharp angles and 3D perspective and it makes it that little bit more special. They’re all amazing though. Thanks for posting this and inspiring me!

  5. what tipography do you used…? greetings from chile, i like to upload a any tutorial about this design, great art…!!! see you a love it a lot the tron concept…!!!

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