The Countdown to Tron Legacy

Last week while I was in Vancouver I decided to do a special little project leading up to the release of Disney’s Tron Legacy film, at least the project was “little” when I first thought of it. For the final 9 days before the film hits theaters I would design a Tron style number counting down and release one each morning. I’ve never done a project before where a daily release was involved so I thought it would be a great exercise, forcing me to spend an hour or 2 each day on personal work. I also worked it into the sequence of designing around the full color spectrum rather then keeping the series limited to the “Tron blue”. It was a real challenge to keep these images unique to one another yet maintaining a bit of diversity.

I started launching the designs at number 9 on the blog and Flickr, and didn’t really tell anyone what I was up to. Readers started catching on when I launched 8 and 7, and by the end had quite a lot of people waiting for the new number each day. You can see the entire series on my Behance as well.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I will be doing with these numbers, something I am still not sure about. They would make nice mini posters, postcards, or I could even print them up full size as they are designed at 18″ x 24″. If you have any suggestions about getting these out there, by all means drop a comment.






16 responses to “The Countdown to Tron Legacy”

  1. jmgarrido Avatar

    that will be a very good number pad tron themed ;)
    I love all them. I thought that you have a 0 for today (0 or something that express the end of the countdown).
    Great Job James ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Michael Avatar

    It looks great but why is only the numer 1 in this 3d perspective?

  3. Simon H. Avatar

    A print series would be lovely. You could even print the whole set on one HUGE sheet.

  4. 2escape Avatar

    Smooth & Awesome. Iloveit

  5. Richie Avatar

    My gosh!! It’s like you were born to be so awesome… I am so psyched to watch the movie…. those posters are perfect eyegasm material…. rock on buddy

  6. kay486 Avatar

    Make 3 more and release it as a calendar!

  7. Tim Avatar

    I would say get them printed at postcard size. I would definatly want that.

  8. John Avatar

    A Set of Postcards would be neat!

  9. thomasmburu Avatar

    Very neat work but personally have liked countdown #6 background (Triangles).

  10. Folklore Avatar

    I would put them all in postcard packs and sell them. I’d buy it.
    Also the calendar idea is awesome, especially for this new year coming up.

  11. Sharron Clemons Avatar

    Make 3 more and release it as a calendar!

  12. Antonio Cerri Avatar

    Hi guys, my name is Antonio Cerri,
    I made a CINEMA 4D + AFTER EFFECTS tutorial in September 2010, to recreate the tron movie title, here’s the link:
    If you want to customize your logo in the TRON LEGACY style you can buy the font in this link:
    or on MyFonts:
    ;) Good Works

  13. Jeremie Spangrude Avatar

    Do what Hydro74 did with some of his prints. All 9 on a 18×24 sheet. Here is the link to his:

  14. Dan Smith Avatar

    Wow, I damn nearly had a graphic design orgasm when I saw these. Number 1 is just breathtaking with it’s sharp angles and 3D perspective and it makes it that little bit more special. They’re all amazing though. Thanks for posting this and inspiring me!

  15. The Art of Scedy Avatar

    Eureka !!! Would be great if we could have it as large stickers for the backside of our iPads !

  16. francisco Avatar

    what tipography do you used…? greetings from chile, i like to upload a any tutorial about this design, great art…!!! see you a love it a lot the tron concept…!!!

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